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Farming for Generations: Hard Work Pays Off | AgAmerica

Well, most people I go to school with,
they don’t have any idea about what cotton is. They drive by it on the roads and they have no idea where things come from. And so, when I go into the grocery store and I walk down the meat aisle, I think, ‘well, I wonder what farm these cows came from’. I’m wondering what buyer bought them, or who raised them, what they were fed. Versus most people walk in there and think ‘oh what’s for dinner tonight?’ Same thing with vegetables and things like that. When I grab a jar of peanut butter, I think, ‘I wonder if my dad’s peanuts are in here’. When I was little, riding in the tractors with daddy and granddaddy, and as I got older, they would spend a lot of time in the field. So my mom would do things like pack up our dinners so we could go eat in the field with them. My granddaddy, he’s my man. When I look for someone I’ll marry someday, I look for a man like my granddaddy. Because he is the epitome of a southern gentleman. He’s just seen so much of the farming. He started off with mules and now we have cotton pickers that pick it and bale it, all in one. He’s truly someone I look up to. To me he is the most successful person I’ve ever met. Hard work is very rewarding. And, that’s something that has really been instilled in me. My dad, I’ll never forget, he came home one day and he’d been working and working hard in the field and he was filthy. And he said ‘I feel good’. He said ‘I feel good today, I got to work hard. If you’re gonna do it, you gotta do it right.’ It’s definitely been a really big life lesson to me.

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