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Farming Simulator 17 Buying Seeds in Multiplayer

Ehhhh, I don’t know I’ll Drive the car Yeah, okay Come on Let’s drive to the shop Drive to the shop and buy candy? Mhm Where is the damn exit to this place F*** It is very sensitive on the control when i drive fast Have you noticed? Well i have a steering wheel… Hm? I have a steering wheel Ehe, I got two exhaust tubes Hehe Satan I’m just driving here and then i see you in the mirrors Yeh, Its very sensitive this controller And i don’t have any brakes, so thats fun That means you haven’t assigned the brakes I’ll drive past you I drove past you, that’s totally legal But listen Yeah? You always complain that you can’t reverse, but why haven’t you told me that you can’t brake? I’m stupidAhhh i was hit by two cars here because of you!! Because of me?? Right.. I think it’s more because of your driving! Show me the way, O-Great Tractor Hhe HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH That was close It would be fun to make a mod that… Yeah, Guess who have been on a… …Yeah… …Shopping spree I’ve only bought this ”Only” Eh, Okay… What? It’s something i just noticed When you turn with the pickup… …One way, It comes more exhaust. And when you turn the other way, it stops coming exhaust out on the other side Ehh What? Hm, Yeahey Ok, now I’ll stand here completly still Even turn the car of because of you! Does it fit? Just too big? Big question mark I’m not sure Don’t close the tailgate Oh, That is to wide Can you place it from the side? Wait, i can do it like this, maybe Is it possible to secure it? Try pressing ”L” What? Try pressing ”L” Nothing is happening, Heheh Stop, Stop, Stop, Stop Try to drive now! Are you trying to flip me over?? No… Oh, You jerk Ahhh, Why??? Wow, Shit Ah, Jesus crist ahaha, I got 4 wheel drive, hehe Arghh, The pallet is now on it’s side hahaa, Then is will atleast fit in here There was a dude who just walked trough my bonnet What have you put under this bonnet?? What have you put under this bonnet, Nothing?? That’s right, You have 0 horse powers Reverse stop Drive a bit forward Good, Drive, I’ll meet you at the farm ahh, Nicolas!! argh I’m driving a tractor and are still able to do a pit manouver on you! Ehhh That means you are driving way to slow Nico? Can you help me? Wait a second 1,2,3 But WTF, I’ve gotten over all other sidewalks, but this one.. NO What are you doing? OH, GET OF ME Yeah, Can i park like this? Alfen Transport AS What are you doing?, Playing golf?? Oh no, this will hurt Yeah man Ok, Now we’ll try to get this on you and then drive normal We can try I’m not sure if i can pick it up from this side Yeah, just scrape up the side of my car MY car The pallet is actually upside-down now IRL, all the seeds would spill out. Yeah, F*** that. Drive Didn’t you secure this? It’s not possible to secure it I would if i could ”I would if i could” blablabla Because right now, I nearly loose it when i hit the pedal Just tell me if it falls off Overtakiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing… Oh, Now it’s going to fall of ”Hello, you are talking with Alfen, he is good with transpor” Stop, if you dare Done and then? Stay there until i come No! F*** no! F*** no! You are going to crash that fork into my ass!!!! You are supposed to drive up there You drove past the road That was just something you said!! THAT WAS JUST SOMETHING YOU SAID!!!!!! No, seriously, you actually drove past the road. I can’t reverse… Thank you very much Can you push me back like that? Maybe you should… Maybe you should fix you controls, so that you can actually reverse No, I can reverse, I just have to press another button good Reverse under here Yay I’m even better on loading than you!Where are we placing this pallet? Sit it next to the silo Yeh and where… Did that help? I did nothing… I did nothing…….. Seriously, That was not supposed to happen This blue tractor is just standing here, using fuel… The blue one? Yeah He is finnished isn’t he? Yeah, I just drove by and the engine is on as f*** Yes, on the red… On the blue also Oh, it was just finnished Hello ass, ahh. Is it a lady? Is it a lady? YES, It’s a lady Can I f… I’m stuck Hey, Don’t… …harass my employees I’m quicker then a tractor I’m quicker then a tractor ”Object is too heavy” Yeah, Can you drive at all? I have actually never driven a tractor I have tried a few times, but that’s it IRL? Yup Congrats Thanks We should probably have bought two paletts when we first started mhm Wait a sec… In there, there is already many pallets!! Really? Can you please stop for f*** sakeWell, you started it Here is loads of pallets Why do you do that? Don’t crash in my tractor Seeds and fertiliser Do we have fertiliser? Yes it’s right here Yeah, but do we have some kind of tool to for it? No, I don’t think so Drive over the forks if you dare How much money do i get for doing it? 10000 kr Deal Again! Come on Yeeeha What if they did stuff like this on farms IRL Like, Rolled over cars I think we would have so much fun ”Yeah, About that damage report…” NOW YOU WILL DIE!!! No, Ok, now we are done No, you started I can’t even move you an inch. I can’t even move you… Ah. Pedal to the metal Eh, Now it’s reversing… Reversing lights turned on. Yeah, Can we please stop now? NO!!


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