1. Daniel Stockem Author

    Ganz wichtige Frage für mich❗️❗️❗️

    Wenn ich ins Menü gehe wo meine Silo Bestände angezeigt werden steht ganz normal unten die verschiedenen Anlaufstellen aber dazwischen steht „ Silos (extern)“.
    Hat das etwas mit dem Zug zutun und wie komme ich an die Sachen dran?
    Danke im voraus

  2. Forstwirt aus Leidenschaft Author

    Super Spiel! Nur das Licht ist zu Grell und die Zange beim komatsu forwarder dreht sich nur 2mal in jede Richtung und dann ist ende.und die Kamera Position neben dem Kran …wäre gut wenn die so wäre wie beim ponsse Buffalo.
    Wäre schön wenn dies nicht geändert wird. Grüße

  3. Solid Farmer Author

    day 2 going on with the game. Great game! I'm playing with PS4pro and I noticed there is some issues with screen/TV brightness, when you go from first person to third person view. It gets darker when in third person.

  4. Brendan Casey Author

    Great game but the stara self propelled fertilizer spreader/sprayer has a really bad texture problem with the inside cab view on Xbox one X. Would love a patch to fix please.

  5. MrSpeedDemon72 Author

    Before anyone buys this game, go to giants forums and read up about all the issues with this game BEFORE you decide to buy it. I bought and regret it. Full of bugs and issues. Don’t waste your $60 or $90 (on console) on a half assed no where near finished game.

    Another game dev in a hurry to put their game out for the holiday season to rake in the money but it’s not finished.

    So do yourself a favor, at least go check out all the reported issues with this game on their forums before you buy.

  6. David Martin Author

    Game doesn’t work well with a steering wheel can’t release force feed back and also in the patch 1.1 the windowed mode not working, was working before installing patch . Also with the G29 connected the trigger icons don’t work eg: the atm , buy icon , Sell icons at the store on ravenport. And with a wheel connected the buttons on the store page to buy vehicles and settings page flicker . Looks like this game was only tested with a controller, and not both before release to ensure it was ready for the world to enjoy . Giants have let down a lot of fans nothing only problems for ppl the minute they go to play , and it was released nearly a month later than previous versions.

  7. FilthyCasualKai Author

    Wow. Great game. I love the terrible draw distance of crops, buggy textures shadows popping in and out, and I love how when you switch tools, there is no longer an indicator to show which is selected. (There is, but they're both white all the time.) Very bold move removing many structures too. I guess if it isn't broke, remove content. But hey, at least there's cotton and horses now… Great "upgrade"…

  8. Travis Thomas Author

    when yall just gonna add a honda rancher. like we need a small utility vehicle to ride around the farm check on things. maybe it can haul a small trailer for transporting crates or loads of grains. after this long why don't we have one

  9. eisen dieter Author

    Hello Farming Sim team. I hope that you know that you have huge problems with the FS19 to play with steering wheel's. It's nearly not possible to play with steering wheel at the moment. I hope you guys will fix these problems asap. Then Iam looking forward to play it hundreds of hours.

  10. Falk's KFZ-Teile Werkstatt & Mietwerkstatt Author

    Hallo ihr lieben, hab da ein Problem LS19 Installiert geht super, jedoch mit Patsch nicht mehr, Lenkung mit Tastatur und/oder Lenkrad geht nicht beim switchen durch die Fahrzeuge ist dann plötzlich Standbild und nichts geht mehr??? PS: kein Steam sondern die DVD Version. Hab es schon zwei mal neu installiert ändert sich aber nichts. PS: hab alles auf Laufwerk F: inst. Wehre toll wenn mir da wer weiterhelfen könnte.

  11. Ruth Darrell Author

    Can you plz send me a Xbox choppy of fs19 because my would love it my Xbox is glitches it said I need a disk so plz send me it my channel is my name

  12. Daniel Garica Author

    Invert Y-look doesnt work properly on PS4. I have it on and it works good when I'm not in a vehicle. Once I'm in a vehicle in first person view, it seems to turn off and it's getting frustrating when I'm trying to look up and down.

  13. chris Sanchez Author

    are u guts r gonna fix the crash that im haveing an people r not happy about w all the problems on im havein crash errors i want it fix I spent like $96 off of this game i like an it needs to be fixed so please fix the crash do what it takes to make it stop i do like the game the crash errors need to stop so plz guys

  14. ClayMore769 Author

    this game is the most broken its ever been. very poor job giants, servers constantly crashing, biogas doesnt work, levers on multiplayer work half the time, sell points dont work, the maps seem to be getting smaller instead of bigger, and it take you guys 2-3 years to make a poorly reskinned farming simulator from the years before…

  15. Cledus Snow Author

    I’m glad that you spent all this time in testing 😂😂😂😂 I have found many glitches on the console game. Wish I wouldn’t of spent the money on the game. Pretty much a joke trying find all of them. Who ever they had doing the testing should be ashamed to be paid for the sub par joke they did.

  16. Olaf Apfelsaft Author

    Liebes Giants Team das ist ein Traktor achtet bitte auf denn Sound bei last und vergleicht das mal in eurem LS19 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=krKLhPO-hZk BITTE ANPASSEN

  17. Tim BMX Author

    Ich habe ein Problem mit dem Game und zwar kommt bei mir pro ls Tag die Nachricht kaufen sie sich die Vollversion vom Farming Simulator oder so obwohl ich mir das Spiel auf Steam schon vor Release vorbestellt habe Wtf ist das und wie bekomme ich es weg

  18. chris Sanchez Author

    Are you guys going to fix the issues with people havein crashing errors an ather problems on ps4 an xbox an when is update somebody answer me please for pspro an xbox are you guys working on it or what

  19. FCDuck Author

    I have problem, when I run, pops up error and on this I write a cloud not create OpenGL viewport and I have the latest version of giants editor what should I do? (Farming Simulator 2017)

  20. EatwellLiveAwesome Author

    So pc gets a patch but we console peasants that paid 15 more for this shit fest have to wait until you lazy devs get off your ass!

  21. Kenworth 404 Author

    Just asking would it be possible if engine brakes and retarders could be added to the trucks just for the American ones engine brake and Europe ones retarders because that would be handy for when logging on steep grades so we don’t always use the brakes

  22. 1k Abonnenten with 0 Videos Challenge Author

    Meine Meinung zum Ls19 auf der Ps4:
    Super Spiel und tolle neue Verbesserungen.Aber es hatt so viele Schwächen wenb ich eine Halle Baue stürtzt das Spiel ab nicht immer aber VIEL ZU OFT und wenn man einiges gebaut hatt und nicht die ganze Zeit speichert geht alles verloren!Das Spiel ist so unstabiel es könnte glatt eine Beta sein.Oder auf Felsbrunn die Berge sehen aus der entfernung so schlecht aus das das Spiel locker auf einer Ps3 laufen kann.Ich habe das Spiel trozdem gern und es macht auch viel Spaß aber sowas nimmt die laune wenn man am bauen ist und ei fach die Arbeit verloren geht.ICH BITTE DARUM DAS ES SO SCHNELLSTENS WIE MÖGLICH BEHOBEN WIRD DANKE!


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