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Farming Simulator 20 – Download & Price *NEWS* (FS 20) | Android & iOS

Hello guys welcome back to a brand
new video and my name is Matt and in today’s video I am extremely hyped because FS 20
should hopefully be releasing very shortly and by that I mean around
September to August time so I am gonna be covering some things to do with the
download and some information about the Download today so stay tuned watched
until the end of the video and there are subtitles for all languages so Russian
Portuguese Spanish any language go over the closed caption bit on the YouTube
video select your language and then you will have subtitles that you can easily
understand the video and get all the FS 20 news directly from me so without
further ado let’s get straight in to the video and I just like to say if you do want to
help support the channel for as little as 0.99 you can become a channel member so there
should be a join button next to my channel name so (GamingMatt) and next to
subscribe button you can click that and just read about some of the perks you
can get, so members-only videos, live streams, live chats, some really really
cool features that I think you do not want to miss out on so if you do want to
support the channel and you have 0.99 it’s 0.99 a month or 0.99 of any currency and then it
goes up to 17.99 where you can really really support me and there are five
levels so it’s read about that and I do stream sometimes so you get your
benefits in there as well… so the download information! So the game should
be available to download around when the game comes out so that should be around
the 20th of August to the 20th September some people in the comment section have told
me that FS 20 and FS mobile games probably won’t release in autumn because
they usually release a game in summer I completely agree with that however we have
not heard a single bit of news and it’s already half way into summer for most
countries so I can only assume it will be coming out later and we should be
hearing something towards the end of the summer and some people said that they’re
still adding things to FS 19 so why would they release FS 20 and my simple
answer to that pretty much FS mobile game and that is FS 19 is one for console and
PC they’re completely different games so they are completely unrelated so don’t think about that that way so the download will be available on
Google Play and the App Store so do not get it from anywhere else then two like
stores should I say they are the best ones to get it from as they are the
authentic and legit ones so make sure you do look on there when the game
releases and I will be I literally will be uploading the second FS 20 comes out
so make sure you subscribe and turn them notifications on and I might actually be
uploading what… I’m definitely uploading more FS 20
videos over this next week and most of them will be Members Only videos so that
means only members can watch them so if you get your membership for 0.99 or
1.99 or whatever membership you’ve got you can watch them so you get exclusive
more news and more examples and stuff like that is one of the basic perks
for being a member so make sure you do become a member and pretty much yeah
download… so the download should like I said, will be instantly available on most
retails… so that should be the app store the Nintendo eShop because I think
it’s gonna be on the intended switch I’ll be covering that in another video
probably in members video some other things so download information so the
download price so the price of FS 20 will be about mainly I think when it
first comes out should be about 10.00 so €10, £10, $10 all like the
main currencies it should be about 10.00, so it should be quite expensive
but then within the first few months of it being out it should drop to about £5
or $5 or €5 like FS 18 did as now FS 18 is currently $4.99
on the Google Play Store I think and I don’t know what it is on the App Store
but will probably be the same, so they are quite cheap and I am
glad about that so I do play the mobile games quite a lot, not as much that I do
FS 19 but I do enjoy them and I think Giants need to realize that there is a
community behind the mobile games and as recent months have definitely shown that
you guys love the games and you guys love the news and I just love you guys
like I really do you guys really support my videos and I just love seeing
everyone comment I reply to all the comments I just really love it guys
thank you so much as a part of the recent months you guys since I started
my channel you’ve changed my life but that’s got a completely different topic
so that’s something to do with the Downloads… I will be covering more of
that in other videos but mainly members-only videos so make sure you do
keep a lookout for them and just to make sure become a member
it’s 0.99 a month it’s the same prices like I don’t got anything it’s really
cheap even if you just got the bronze membership which is 0.99 a month
still you can get a lot of perks for that and you can go up to the silver
membership which is pretty much then just bronze but with quite a
few extra perks so that’s just a bit of more, bit more stuff and then
you get really on to it when you’re getting the membership gold, so
membership gold you can actually play farming simulator with me so you can talk
to me and play farming simulator and we can have a chat while we’re doing it so it’s
really really good so you can’t play FS 20 with me when it comes out if you do
have the gold membership or above and then there are some other cool perks and then
there’s moving on to diamond. Diamond is 8.99 month and I’d like to say gold is 4.99 a month, and diamond is 8.99 a month which is pretty cheap for some of the
cool things you get, such as behind-the-scenes videos you gotta set up tours all stuff
like that it’s really really cool and obviously you get exclusive streams as
well and then platinum, platinum it’s just all the other levels but it’s
really really good you get some really cool features yet like how my videos are
made some cool tips for youtube and found some exclusive little discounts on
stuff and you get the custom DLgamer discount code which I will be setting up
shortly and that pretty much sums up this video so if you did enjoy make sure
you subscribe and turn that notification bell on like I said I can’t thank you
guys enough for the support so if you do want more FS 20 videos leave your
suggestions in the comment section below I hopefully, well I usually do reply to
all the comments and sometimes make them into videos so
if I have replied to your comment make sure you just have a chat with me in
there and if you remember then you can have a chat with me on discord so join
my discord server, there’s a Members Only discard coming soon so that’ll be cool and
then that pretty much sums up the video if you did enjoy the video and you do
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helps me out and massive thank you to my members so my current members are Pauladz
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so thank you to all my members I love you guys you really are helping me
producing videos thank you so much I can’t thank you enough and yeah hope
everyone has a lovely rest of their weekend yeah and have a lovely summer I
will be uploading a lot more of a summer mainly members-only videos but also some
normal videos probably twice a week for normal videos and more more consistent


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