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Farming Simulator 20 – For FREE *NEWS* (FS 20) | Android & iOS

Hi everybody welcome back to a
brand new video my name is Matt and in today’s video we are going to be talking
about how to get farming simulator 20 FS 20 for free! So that means you don’t
have to pay a single bit of money It is completely 100% free all you gotta do is put in a few hours of effort and you Have got FS 20 for free, when it comes out, so without further ado let’s just get straight on with the video,
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sums up that part of the video let’s just get straight on with the tutorial!
Me and some of my team have set up a discord server, we set it up
around January and it’s been pretty active and we are active on it and we
decide to set up some sort of economy so in this economy you can earn coins
called MattCoins and with MattCoins you can work you can get coins for free so you can get coins so you get about 200 coins
if you use some of the commands and some of the other things so it’s pretty
much a way of getting free money technically so you can find out more
information by joining the server in the description which is my server and
obviously the server I’m going to be talking about in this video, so
so if you have 500,000 MattCoins you can get a €5/£5/$5 Google Play or App
Store gift card and what you can do you can redeem that on Google Play
or the Apple App Store and you can actually buy farming simulator 20 with
that when it comes out so you’re getting FS 20 for free! So today’s
video is going to be telling you guys how to get them 500,000 coins and just announcing the whole server, so some of the methods
you can get MattCoins… you can do some of the cool games on the server so you can play
chicken fights or you can play blackjack or / slot machine games
all stuff like that it’s all free a hundred percent free you don’t have to
pay a single penny it’s all free and you get monthly bonuses so you get five
thousand coins every month and channel members get ten thousand coins a week and extra monthly bonuses so that’s another perk of being a channel member
(press the join button if you do want to become a member) so there are many, many
ways of getting MattCoins so I don’t know how to say I don’t know how to say
it / then you’ll have to go into the server in the description and find out
yourself how to actually get FS 20 for free so that pretty much sums up today’s
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everyone has lovely day and take care I have been Matt, bye 🖐


  1. Cristian Stanciu Author

    Can you please tell me nicely if the malfunctions and gyros on the machines will work and if it will also have the weather in play


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