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Farming Simulator 20 – *NEW* All News Summary (FS 20) | Android & iOS

hello guys welcome to a new video my
name is Matt today’s video we’ll be going over the most requested video on my
recent community poll and that would be the big news summary I mean that I’ll be
pretty much going over the news from September and going over stuff yeah
I’ve recently been covering about FS 20 so rougher ado let’s get straight on
with video in the background you’ll be seeing gameplay and some screenshot
videos across as well so stay tuned for them and watch so make sure you don’t
skip any of the video make sure you just listen to me talking and just take it all in
because a lot of people, I think the average duration that you watch is for
about 50 seconds and so that’s such a bad idea because you missing out on all
the FS 20 News and when you just stay and listen to me you get it
all and yeah you’re missing out if you don’t watch the entire video so make
sure you watch it right so the first bit is animals so the animals we will be
seeing in FS 20 will be sheep, pigs chickens and cows and horses well
they’re the main animals then maybe few more but we’ll hopefully see some more
coming up in a few months but they are the main animals we know of right now so
that’s pretty impressive we have quite a range of them which is very important as
it is a change, not doing crops, doing more than crops and you do more than
just normal farming and that’s really awesome I’m happy with that and I know
everyone else is happy that you can switch up and do some animals as well as
all crops and you can have like an animal farm as well which would be
really fun and there’s not much that chickens can do,
obviously you can collect the eggs… cow’s so you can do milk, pigs you can do
pig stuff there and yeah that’s all I really can say about that
but I’m assuming the modules and the way they behave will be based off FS 19 as
FS 20 is leaning towards looking exactly like FS 19 for mobile and switch so I
assume they’ll be just like FS 19 which would be pretty awesome
and I’ll be… I’ll be happy if they do look a lot FS 19 so without further
ado let’s just get around to the next bit and that is a pretty important one
again this is vehicles and stuff to do with brands
yeah so we will be seeing some important things we’ll be seeing John Deer which
I’ll be covering in tomorrow’s video so stay tuned for that I’ll be doing vehicles
in tomorrow’s video so don’t miss that notifications on to not miss it It’ll be
be around a few hours into the day so don’t miss it
and so the brands we’ll be seeing will definitely be seen Case Fednt, or Claas
will be seen, I don’t think we will be seeing Claas so ignore that unless we
get it as a DLC which I’ve covered in other videos and we’ll cover later so yeah
that they really are the brands just normal brands in FS 19 moving on to the
second most important bit in my opinion is multiplayer so global multiplier as
I’ve covered in previous videos I think the last one so last week’s we will not
be seeing global multiplayer yes so there will be no multiplayer there will
be LAN and Wi-Fi multiplayer so that are still cool so you can play with your
friends if they are in the area and still on the Wi-Fi like you’re on as well so that’s awesome but no global multiplayer so I can’t play with
you guys when the game comes out I can’t… which is shame because I like… to like play
some multiplayer games and do a series on my FS 20 but unfortunately can’t
be doing that which is annoying but nevertheless we’ll still have an awesome
game and It’ll be pretty cool so yeah unfortunately we won’t a multiplayer like
I covered and if you want more detail than that
watch last week’s video link will be in the card up above right now so make sure
you go look at that and yeah unfortunately no multiplayer but that
shouldn’t affect the game too much because we’ve still got an amazing game
that’ll be very cool and yeah that’s all we can cover about multiplayer yeah
again it’s a shame because we can’t play with our friends but it doesn’t
matter we can still, still play and if you’re in local area networks so if
you two are in the same Wi-Fi are you three can still play together which is
pretty awesome but that’s out of the way next when we are on to mods so
hopefully we’ll have mods in FS 20 that’ll be awesome as you can obviously if
you don’t know what mods are modifications and modifications to the game
you can like download community made mods so like tractors, vehicles, combines and
stuff like that and it’ll be really awesome to
see that in the game because you can download cool stuff the community made
and I wish to see it and a lot of people would as well but unfortunately I don’t
think we’ll be seeing it as most phones don’t have mod support and most phones
don’t like scripts based mods in the game
I think Sony has a limitation on mods and so do other phones but minecraft
did it so that I don’t know I’m not too sure about this we’ll have to wait and
see this is one of the topics that I am questioning myself on so I’m not too
sure so I don’t want to spread false information and say like there will be
mods and DLCs and additions that’s another thing I don’t know if the Giants
will be able to do that nevermind actually do it because they have to put
a lot of work into designing more of the stuff and if they do, if let’s
just say in an ideal world there are mods and DLCs say Giants make DLC it
will most likely be a Claas DLC so if FS 20 Platinum Edition so that’ll be
awesome see I would definitely be getting that but that’s an ideal world
and unfortunately yeah, very ideal but unfortunately we won’t be having it I
highly doubt we’ll see mods in any FS mobile game nevermind FS 20 so that’s a shame mm-hmm…so moving on to the next bit we
have graphics so you can see by the gameplay in the background graphics have
just improved so much since FS 18 and I’m really impressed with it I’m really
happy with the way graphics that have improved and I hope we’ll see more
improvement with graphics throughout the next mobile games not just farming simulator
but other games such as brawl stars and games like that
3D mobile games whether that’s a shooter game like cod mobile or a 2d
like platform or I don’t want to say platform because it’s not really a 2d
action game like bra stars where it’s like strategy so that’ll be awesome see
and farming simulator is just another mobile game so hopefully we’ll
see some improvements with mobile games in the future both FS 20 right now looks
very very good I’m very impressive so farming simulator 20 will have good
graphics and you already know that because see the gameplay in the background it’ll be 3D which is a huge and I mean
HUGE improvement from FS 18 so it just looks like FS 19 to me I don’t know
if I’m missing something but you all probably agree when they say it looks
like FS 19 so that’s all I can say about the graphics and the gameplay will have
a lot more crops definitely this is gameplay by that I mean just overall
what we’ll see us content wise so plenty more crops plenty more vehicles I’m
pretty sure I have a fact sheet somewhere so I’m just gonna read this
out here so this is a sheet that was in Gamescom yep that’s right,
in Gamescom and this was on like the desks so I’m gonna read about fam like
never before on Nintendo switch FS 20 take control of vehicles and machines
faithfully recreated from leading brands in the industry for the first time on
Nintendo’s which is included John Deere the biggest agricultural machinery
company in the world drive over famous brands including case
IH, New Holland, Challenger, Fednt Deutz-Fehr and more farming simulator 20
features a new North American environment in which to develop and
expand your farm enjoy many exciting farming activities including new
machinery and crops with cotton and Oats new to Nintendo Switch which tend to your
livestock of pigs cows and sheep and now ride your own horses letting you explore
the vast lands around your farm in a brand new way the main features of FS 20
use and drive over 100 reproduced farming vehicles and tools including
for the first time John Deere since your livestock including pigs sheep cows and
horses ride your own horses and explore the vast areas offered in a new North
American map loaded with farming activities and then you can see down
there some of the cool to bits release date is 3rd December, published by Focus Home and yeah so that’s cool very
cool that so that’s just a little fact sheet and if you were picking up on
the information I did say I said we will be seeing an American map so
just immediately really awesome bit of information the map we’ll be seeing I do
actually have a picture of the map as well you can go back I’m not gonna show
it now you can go back and watch in one of my previous videos very very awesome
and yeah so an American map so I’m assuming this would be like the Ravenport
in FS 19 another feature is similar to farming simulator 19 but yeah an
American map so that I’m assuming the fields will be big yeah I think there
will be only one map I’m not sure by the sounds of that I’m assuming but I’m not yeah and I’m not too sure so enough American map will have big
fields a big actual map a big farm plot lots of land and now be impressive yeah
plenty of mountains as well this must have been the map we seen the
screenshots with the hills and the landscape for stuff like that
and yeah I’m impressed with that and I know that everyone else is but this is
all I can really cover with news if you want to see part two of a new summary
make sure you drop a like and tell me in the comments saying I want the part two
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