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Farming Simulator 20 – *NEW* Vehicles (FS 20) | Android & iOS

hello everybody welcome back to a brand
new video my name is Matt today’s video we’ll be going over another part of FS
20 and that of course is the vehicles so this was yet again highly voted in one
of my polls on the community tab I think I got about 200 votes again and
about 40 percent said this and 60 percent said a big news summary which
was yesterday’s video so today I’m gonna go straight on and we’ll talk about the
vehicles for a few minutes so make sure you don’t skip any of the video make
sure you just listen to me talking and just take all him because a lot of
people I think the average duration that you watch is for about 50 seconds that’s
such a bad idea because you missing out on all the FS 20 News and when you
just stay in listening to me you get it all and yeah you’re missing now if you
don’t watch the entire video so make sure you watch it and I’m gonna give you
a basic rundown of what vehicles we saw in FS 18 and what we will see them in
the first one to use well and any vehicles we saw on FS 19 that will be in
FS 20 so let’s just get straight on with it and I’m just gonna go over some
pictures that were like first on the farming sim official page on Twitter
some pictures I showed in my recent videos and some stuff that was yeah that
were in FS 18 so I just get strong with it so the first vehicle we are going to
be going on about well it’s not so much a vehicle it’s an entire brand what we
saw John Deere in FS 20 and this was confirmed definitely confirmed because
he saw a picture of a John Deere harvester on the farming simulator Twitter
page so we know that John Deere will be coming to FS 20 so that’s just a huge
thing in itself that’s an entire brand and thinking of all the tools you got
the John Deere tractors hopefully we’ll see the 6M series in FS 20 that
would be amazing and then you’ve got the other things
like you got your harvesters and the combines so far that and especially
with the addition of cotton you’ll have so many more vehicles in there I don’t
think we will have a John Deere cotton Harvester but yeah we’ll have some more
different ones I’ll talk about later in the video but John Deere the one is
literally the biggest farming brands in the entire world so not only is it the
most well-known is the biggest and made the most money as well and you, you if
you like farming you will know about John Deere everyone knows about it
and then having it in FS 19 was a big thing sure but if we get in FS 20
It’ll be an even bigger thing because all the mobile gamers they’ve already seen how
good the game will look on the gameplay which I haven’t seen on
Android yet but if we get John Deere as well that’d be insane and I’m extremely
hyped for now and there everyone else is so I’m gonna go over their vehicles and
tell you guys what else we will see in FS 20 and yeah one thing is we’ll see
most of the vehicles from FS 18 obviously remastered and remodeled for
FS 20 so it will be very similar to how the vehicles FS 19 look and work so
that means that it’s like a PC game on Android or iOS on Nintendo
switch they’re all going to just be the same and that’s nice really cool it’s
not like the standard 2d version and I’m going off topic here but it’ll be
awesome and farming simulator 20 will be awesome and the brands just bring the
whole thing to life so if we will see all the FS 18 vehicles it’ll bring that
concepts and that part also we have some weird like a lizard trucks in FS 18 I
don’t know what they are all about is just bit weird but hopefully we’ll see
the man trucks and some other brands as well and Peterbilt as well I think there
was a Peterbilt truck in FS 19 I don’t know I’ll double check however
they’ll be really awesome to see and I’m predicting you’ll see most vehicles from
FS 19 into FS 20 that’s just a prediction is not been confirmed we have
got some confirmed vehicles that I’ll be talking about in few minutes, we do not have a confirmation all the vehicles so now I’m gonna go over
the vehicles we know we’re gonna be getting and I’m just going to talk about
them so the first tractor that we’ll be covering is the 6250R John Deere so
that is a really good tractor you’ll see on the screen now a screen shot of it
and the American flag on the top left and that’s amazing machine big,
powerful plenty of horsepower and a very very good tractor yes so the six I am
assuming the six R series all of them will be in the game
you see weights there as well so that’s the again another little little
confirmation that we will be seeing weights in FS 20 which is yeah which
is awesome and a tool at the back I am Not sure on the tools brands we don’t
see it but it’s red and I’m pretty sure some red ones in FS 19 so that’s a
little hint so that’s cool and you can see the dirt on the tires as well that’s
such a small detail but the dirt on the tires that means it’s just realistic
really and I’m impressed with a small detail which I’ll be happy with and if
you can control the lights on the vehicles as well they’ll be even better
alright moving on to the next screenshot we have the cotton harvester so it’s a
case IH see a case IH 635 so yeah I got another impressive piece of machinery
they can see harvesting cotton so that means we’ve got cotton harvesters and
cotton headers so that’s a really awesome feature yet again you can see
the dirt on the tires you can see the player model in the like the
cockpit I don’t know if it’s called like the driver’s seat and that’s really
really impressive and yet again I’m impressed with that and it looks very
cool so that means we’ll have cotton cotton bales, cotton harvesters, cotton
headers yeah everything to do with cotton and you can see the grain storage
in the background small detail yes but I do like that better than FS
18 so that’s two of the screenshots we know then we go into the third one that
means we have the Fednt Ideal series but you could see it there the Fendt ideal
series harvesters so that’s really impressive bit of machinery I keep saying
it but it really is with the tracks on the front and the wheels on the back
yeah really awesome so we know we’ve got plenty of harvesters have his headers
and we got it’s a someone points the out like got the wrong crop in the previous
video I don’t know I think I’ll have to double check but we can see it farming a
crop there sorry I completely forgot whoever
it was I mentioned it but you can see the harvester there and really really
impressive yeah again and then obviously you’ll need the machinery for that so a
lot more trailers so that you can empty the
harvester into that so fendt ideal combine the biggest one in FS 19,
there has another hint guys that we will be seeing more FS 19 machinery and FS 20
and we’ve already seen like all three of the previous screenshots have been
from FS 19 so if we can see all the vehicles I mean FS 19 now be very very
impressive so moving on to the next one we have horses this isn’t really a
vehicle but having horses is more of an animal but that’s cool, it is a
vehicle technically because you can still go places on it so you can ride around any farm on your
horse check up so that’s kind of cool that’s cool and you’ve seen the top
right there we have like the band thing your farm in the center actually where
does that farm looks like with something that’s been custom-built because they
were the custom building options the placeables from FS 19 so that could
honestly mean we’ll see custom buildable farms in FS 20 and if we do, I’ll be
very very impressive and I’ll love to see that that’s really awesome thing
actually that does look like the place for buildings from FS 19 wow I never
noticed that looking on that before wow that’s actually really awesome so let’s
just wow that he’s honestly awesome and you got the crops on the right as well
you’ve got the textures on the bottom very very impressed with that very
impressed and the texture on the horse obviously it’s not amazing graphics but
for a mobile game that’s impressive so they were the most the screenshots they
initially posted and that’s all I wants to talk about this video it was mainly
John Deere and I wanted to go over as that’s an impressive little bit of
machinery so yeah that’s all for today’s video if you did enjoy I post FS 20
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