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Farming Simulator Switch Edition – Reveal Trailer

Hi, my name is Martin Rabl from GIANTS Software developers of Farming Simulator. We are very excited to bring our game which was already played by millions of players to an all new console: the Nintendo Switch. Our game simulates the life of a modern farmer with all the big machines, animals that you can take care of activities on the field, or in the forest and selling your products to expand and build the farm of your dreams. Farming Simulator is a relaxing and deep experience that is played by a very wide audience kids, families, casual gamers, farmers, and hardcore gamers. It’s fun and easy to play for everyone but you can also dive in really deep and play as realistic as possible thinking hard about every step you make. And now with the Nintendo Switch Edition the game is perfect for picking up for just a few minutes or for several hours. Explore a range of huge sandbox environments loaded with farming activities. Whether you want to work on the fields, cut down trees in the forest, or take care of the animals, the game never restricts you, the choice is yours. For our players it’s really important that their favourite tractors look as real as possible in the game. We made strong partnerships with many famous manufacturers to make this happen. There are now over 250 farming vehicles and tools, from over 75 licensed brands in the game. Including the famous AGCO brands : Challenger, Fendt, Massey Ferguson, Valtra, and many more. You can make a fortune by harvesting crops, like sunflowers, soybeans, wheat, canola, and many more. But there’s also livestocks like cows, pigs, sheep, and chickens. You can breed them, and feed them, and make sure they are always happy to be more productive. Stock your products and check the market prices to sell them at the right time to maximize your benefits. And now on the Nintendo Switch you can have a full farming experience at home or manage and expand your farm wherever you go. Farming Simulator Nintendo Switch Edition is coming on later this year. Stay tuned for more information.


  1. Bojan Babic Author

    Oh man I want to have right now just to go on the bus, get my switch out and people will be like: Wow, what's he gonna play… zelda, mario kart..? NO, MOTHERFUCKERS, I'M GONNA FARM!

  2. Mr Mangles Author

    ive been playing Farm sim for the last three games… IDC what platform its on.. you cant get anything done in a few minutes.. thats like playing 5 minutes of skyrim.. or five minutes of Kerbal Space program.. nothing substantial is going to get done…

  3. The No Name Guy Author

    Love that epic farming music, I'm going to sample it and put it on a loop in my car and dream of farming all day long while I drive through fields in my car frightening farmers while the awesome epic farming music plays as their crops are destroyed and the song quickly becomes a nightmare inducing frightening experience.

  4. TtHh ÉéOo Author

    Pour moi il y a plusieurs problèmes à commencer par les graficmes de champs il sont tout plat quand on les regardes de loin,sur Switch on ne peut pas faire de multijoueur c'est pas très cool,il y a que 3 sauvegardes il faudrait en mettre plusieurs.Sinon super jeux mais si vous pouvez résoudre ces 3 petit problème ça serait vraiment pas mal.Merci si vous le faites.


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