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Farming with chickens – Bedding for day old chicks the right way

Hi guys, my name is Malcolm and we are starting a brand new channel all about free range chicken farming we are going to take the whole process from building the coop and the floors which is a very important key or factor in setting up your chicken coop we will be looking at the watering systems and the feeding systems and the aim here is to keep the cost low as possible so we make a decent profit we will be using Ross Broilers which in South Africa is the best meat chicken that we can get they should grow from day 1 – 80 grams to day 36 – 2.8kg So guys in you want to follow this channel hit the like button and lets and let’s walk the road together We are here at Botriver Lumber Yard we are collecting some saw dust for our chicken coop and we will use that for our flooring Please like and Subscribe


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