1. Joe Benson

    Quit wining about Israel and focus on solutions. You folks blame everything on Israel. I don’t blame others for my own situation, I do what it takes to change my situation. You folks are perfect candidates for welfare. Let someone else work hard to take care of you will you sit on your ass and do nothing but complain about the free help. Disgusting

  2. Blanche Ferrer

    If you love Israel, God will give you blessings. But, if you continue hating the Jews, God will depart from you, and He will just let you do it on your own.

  3. sama kakt

    how are you going to make Israel people live under Palestinian you people are living in illusion Israel is technologically so advanced and you think you can defeat by pelting stone using terrorism jihad instead try love to conquer the world and Israel

  4. Tariq Ashraf

    Illegal occupation supported by champions of human rights the USA and Europe! Imagine if Muslim country was treating jews ot chirstians like that! The white hypocrites whould have shed trillion cubic feets of water and filled jews rivers! Lols

  5. FeelingShred

    First, less time making sex and producing more children who will starve in a desert. Second, research techniques from Masanobu Fukuoka called "Natural Agriculture", in which you recover deserted soils using clay balls containing seeds. Also research technique called No-Dig. Less chemical bombs, more "seed bombs". There is solution, focus on it and GO! NOW!

  6. וייס הלבני יינות

    The title says that the Pals are forced to "change their traditional agricultural practices".  Their "tradition" was to use cisterns.  The Israelis drilled quality pumping wells to the deeper aquifers which have no effect on cisterns.  The Pals are simply jealous.  Even when the world gave them $ to develop, and the Israeli's agreed in OSLO to let them do so, they just can't get it together.  They should all move to Jordan for a better life.  Most Pals live there already anyway, and it would give the world a break from supporting these terrorists who use donor money to make bombs.

  7. Hulkster

    Due to international relations Israel cannot annihilate Palestinians directly, so they try to push them out with various tactics like this.


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