FESPA Print Census – Textile

FESPA funds this global research
because it is one of a number of benefits that we offer to our community
there are 37 associations across the globe and this is a valuable piece of
research that they'll be able to pass on to their respective members in their
countries the textile market is a diverse market with
various print providers for you know producing textiles for various purposes
from sign and display to garment decor and industrial it this version of the print
census we looked at themselves both for sign and display where synthetics are
becoming a real opportunity to grow business by producing fabric signs and
in certain cases we see some producers moving into decor and some garment
applications however about double-digit growth that textile for fabrics for
garments and decor is a high-growth market where many providers are learning
how to harness the abilities of digital textile printing to grow their business
the segment that grows the most in that area is the garment and fashion areas that
include sports apparel Haute Couture and other fast fashion types of products
this is an area that is dominant because the benefits of digital printing to that
segment are visible so as we're looking at that space we'll need to see
different providers in there from digital producers that have never been
producing fabrics to screen printers for migrating from analog technologies and
fabric printers who are mixing the benefits of analog and digital in their
production in order to get the best benefits from the technology and we feel
that this is going to continue to grow in the foreseeable future within the
range of two digit growth between now and the next five to ten years

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