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Filterfloor: healthy animals, healthy soil, healthy environment!

Does your dairy farm have problems with
emissions nutrient loss and high costs for environmental measures of slurry do
you want to get added value from feces and urine improve soil fertility and use
your own minerals for fertilization? Well filter floor brings an all-round
solution to all your problems. It revolutionizes your livestock business
through a simple floor separation solution. Through a clever synthetic
floor solution urine and feces are separated to prevent slurry. Separate
collection and storage ensures the preservation of minerals and organic
matter suitable for: fertilization, soil health and the generation of energy by bio digestion also emissions like ammonia
methane hydrogen sulfide carbon dioxide and hydrogen cyanide get reduced in the
process because it is no longer stored together. Your livestock can walk or lie
softly on the panels and discharge their excreta which are separated and flows
directly through the panel to the sewer system the manure is then cleaned from
the surface by a scraper so revolutionize your livestock business
today with the all new filter floor

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