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Final Cut Pro 5 Motion Tutorial : Using the Crop Tool & Feathering Edge in Final Cut Pro 5

This is C.J. South representing
In this clip I am going to show you how to use the crop tool and feathering an edge.
There are two different ways you can crop an image. First is over here in the motion
tab. You notice the crop bar. There is a little arrow next to it; go ahead and hit it, twirl
it down. Now these sliders adjust to the size of the image. Now cropping is basically just
cutting off sections of your image. So if I move this left slider over you can see that
now the left side of my image a lot of it has been cut off and you can see this line
right here, this new line that has been added that is where the crop is at. I just grab
it back and the image is now revealed. You can do that for all the different sized up,
bottom, top or whatever. That is only if you want to do specifically with numerical values
though. You can put in a numerical value if you want it cropped by 20 or whatever you
want. Personally my favorite way is to use the crop tool which is down here in your tool
pallet. This is the crop tool. Bring it up here and you will notice once you move that
tool to the edge you can see it takes shape of the crop tool. Your cursor takes the shape
the crop tool. You just click and hold and then you can crop it in. So you can crop the
sides, you can crop the bottom and the top. So that is a good way to get rid of a certain
portion of an image if you can shrink it down. It is a little hard. The edge of it is a bit
harsh. Now you can put a feather onto that edge over in the motion tab under the crop
settings. This bottom selection is edge feather. Now you turn that up and it feathers the edge
of your crop. So now you can see it is feathered now. It’s not just a straight cut. It is a
feather to it. Now if I could look at just the image, you know that’s not bad. Instead
of just looking like it got cut off there is kind of a fade in the black going on.


  1. Anthony Raffaele Author

    Does anyone know how to cut people out of a video? For example if i was to lift up my dog in the air, would i be able to erase my self and make it look like the dog's floating in the air? If this is possible to do, could someone please help me. I have final cut pro and after effects if that helps..

  2. Ethan Baker Author

    im no expert and i cant tell you exactly how to do it, but here is a small run down of it.

    you would have to get another clip filmed in the exact same place then put them together. then you would have to crop out yourself. it takes time and practice to be able to do it well. you wont get it the first time the exact way you want it but eventually you will!

  3. MichaelAngeloTech Author

    @SketchyPencil For Anyone still trying to figure out how to "Get the X" – it's called the "Wireframe" and you can get to it with the Button on the far right of the top of your canvas or viewer window. You want to select "Image+Wireframe" so that you can actually see what it is that you are manipulating.

  4. LyonsScape Author

    I'm trying to trim my video using the crop tool. and everytime i want to trim it wont let me wont show up normal. im getting annoyed. Trying to do a clonning effect and it wont work


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