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First initial test of crop spraying unit

The beauty sceneries of vegetation. The art of harvest and expectant nations. The old wagon, once red, on
borrowed time from a forgotten shed. Behind a squeaky door, tools not used anymore. A plow no longer plowing. A rusty scythe, a fallen rake. Once full of hay, longing for just one more summer day. The old kitchen heart, where eager
hands and hunger has depart. The morning mist – through the land,
where are each and every man? The once superior biology, now bowing to its fate. The power of automation and technology. This is an early prototype of a crop spraying unit. It has a capacity of around 30 litres. It was designed as an
R&D platform to run all sort of tests. To gain insight in tank design, bom design,
flight behavior and spraying pattern. We’re in the design process of a
very practical spraying unit. With a capacity of around
50 litres, based on our v2 drone. Our v2 drone has a system that makes it very
quick and easy to change batteries. Combined with a quick refill setup, we
will be able to minimise the turnaround time. And maximize the airtime. We will be able to cover about 4 hectare an hour. With a coverage of 25 litres the hectare.
This is including battery change and refill. If we use lesser product, let’s
say 10 liters the hectare. We might be able to cover 10 to 12 hectare the hour. Global market insight has estimated the
agricultural drone market to surpass – – 1 billion u.s. dollars by 2024. There’s a huge potential for drones in agriculture. There are areas in farming where
precision spraying is the key. And there are areas that’s hard to access. Or were light conditions or bad visibility makes it impossible for airplanes or helicopters to fly. All those problems can be solved with our drone. We are determined to introduce
a spraying system to the market – – that is reliable, efficient and
easy to operate by one operator. To bring aerial spraying closer to the farmer.


  1. Muhammed akif Tobcil Author

    Hi I am a drone and a patient of flying vehicles.

    I want to make one myself but I do not have enough budget Can you help me


  2. Vez Legit Author

    I was at your factory with my school, i live in Sykkylven, and it was fantastic looking at the prototypes and stuff, great work 👍🏽


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