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Fix Irrigation Leaks

The irrigation is so essential to this climate and the plants that grow in this climate. So, it’s very important to check your
irrigation on a regular basis and what I say, every growing cycle. So, that would be each quarter. Just look at it at the beginning of say each one of the quarterly months. You’re gonna go around and first of all, look in the beds and along the areas that you have the plant and see if there’s any plants that look like
they’re struggling that could be struggling because of the water. And you’re gonna to mark that area, maybe you see a place that’s like way wet. So, you’re gonna wanna go back and look at it. Now we need to turn on the irrigation system and see if there’s other things that we need to troubleshoot. So, I’m looking at the different sprinklers here, that one seems to be working fine. I hear water shooting out. Oh yep, I have an issue here. It’s look like I have an emitter that’s come off. So, that’ll need to be replaced. I wanna turn the irrigation clock off now and fix that. We’ve identified that we have a broken emitter, so we’re going to replace that emitter. Just cut the old emitter off, put the new emitter on. Make the adjustment, it’s about each click is a half gallon and these were set at a gallon in a half So I go three clicks, put it back in where it was and then we’ll go around and turn the valve back on and test the system, make sure that it’s working properly.

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