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Floriade Expo 2022 Amsterdam Almere

Imagine a growing, green city… Vibrant and
full of life. An ambitious city, where leading innovators in sustainable green,
food, energy and health present their vision.. for future living in cities.
An international city where countries.. and green embassies from around the world
gather together and lead the way. This is the green city we are building today in
Almere, on new land near Amsterdam. This is Floriade Expo 2022, a blueprint for
the future. Come and discover an urban.. landscape where street food actually
grows along the streets. Pick your own lunch.. at one of the city’s greenhouses.
Enjoy fresh and healthy meals in one of.. the many surprising restaurants spread
throughout the city. Feel reinvigorated by the abundance of trees and plants
that are both beautiful and functional. Here walls of algae cool houses and
power cars. Take a deep breath, and let the natural world clear your mind.
With nature right outside your doorstep. There’s no better place to exercise.
This city changes with the seasons in its.. endless diversity you will find something
fun and unexpected around every corner. Discover all Floriade Expo 2022 has to
offer by walking down the iStreets, our concept for the streets of the future…
They are a living laboratory where one can experience smart solutions
for city living in a sustainable world. At night the city transforms into an
exciting festival to enjoy with visitors.. from across the world. Street theater
fills your mind with fresh ideas and new energy. Floriade Expo 2022 is a showcase
of the best and brightest ideas for the.. city of tomorrow. Join leading countries,
world-class universities, research.. institutes and a host of innovative
international companies and.. organizations and present your ideas to
over two million guests eager to.. discover what the future has in store.
Something special is happening from.. April till October 2022 during this 7th
edition of the Floriade Expo, near Amsterdam. We look forward to connect with you.

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