1. cynthia rouse Author

    Yeah. I don't know how these parents keep themselves from throttling these low ball slugs. People. These companies are dangerous. They don't adequately pay or train their employees. They use crap equipment. They're immoral morons. This is actually criminal negligence and they should be sued out of existence, and frankly; whom ever put the "all clear" sign on their door should be horsewhipped.

    For starters. This has happened to multiple people. These are poisonous and dangerous chemicals. AVOID THEIR USE.

  2. Ev R Author

    You can't really blame the employees. The chemicals that are often used should take serious training and in my opinion shouldn't be available for commercial use. The public keeps ignoring the scientists that are coming out saying what the long term effects are of these chemicals and that the insects and rodents are showing strong signs of being immune to some of these now so what do you think these company's and everyone who gains a profit are going to do? Most likely use higher doses or even worse mix chemicals to create a stronger poison. Having friends that work in both Orkin and Terminex it's clear that when something like this happens it's not because of faulty training. It's because they are clearly using something they can not fully control or understand.

  3. DAJOKER808 Author

    Of course they want to blame the bigger company why? Because they have the most money . Screw the people who did it . It’s the people who hired them and the ones who wasn’t there . It’s there fault . Unreal

  4. Phelanisse Relaford Author

    They have been to my home over 7 times my problem has gotten worse. They initially came out for ants now all of a sudden I am seeing little tiny baby roaches all over my house. I find it strange that I have only baby roaches and have never seen an adult Roach. I also find it strange that I have never had roaches at any place I have ever lived until this pest control company came into my home to control a ant problem. I can't help but wonder if they actually planted these roaches in my home. Anyway they have failed several times to control these roaches. I will never use them again

  5. Sloppy Jonuts Author

    Just got hired on here in illinois I’m gonna work here maybe until the first of dec then leave work at the Walmart nights ..already have a part time job mon wed fri..


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