1. Janel Hensley

    Hi Shari ~ What a great tutorial. I am assuming you don't wash the tiles before you put the epoxy/resin on? Do you have a problem with the silicone separating the epoxy?

  2. donna remeika

    Beautiful colours in the blue my fave colour…..how do you mix the resin and can you purchase at hardware store….thanks Donna Remeika

  3. lCarol Jean Jean

    Thank you for the tile video. How do you seal the coasters? I have tried a spray but when they dry and I put a hot cup on the tile it sticks. How do you seal your tiles?

  4. Jo An Hays

    Great tutorial, what resin did you use to seal the tiles and does the resin do well with hot drinks; is there any marks left on the tile

  5. Carlos Rodriguez

    Beautiful creations!!! I can't wait to get started on my own. A few quick questions before I set off on my own.
    1. After four or so days when the paint has dried on the tiles, will there be a drip effect on the edges or does the smoothing you do throughout the process help with that issue?
    2. After your paint has dried and you now pour the resin, how long do you wait for the resin to dry?
    3. Would using Gesso prior to pouring help in any way?

  6. Rev. Dr. Donna Cox

    I really love the boldness of the second set of coasters! Someone asked about where to find the tiles. I've gotten them at Lowes in the clearance section at times. I buy them without knowing exactly when I'll use them if they are a good deal lol.

  7. Carol Atchley

    Hi Shari, I'm a little late to the party here, but I hope you are still answering questions. Can these be sealed with MinWax instead of resin? I haven't tried to do anything with resin, and although it's very attractive, I'm afraid it will be just one more thing for me to mess up. 🙂

  8. Susan Baldridge

    This is so amazing and you are a terrific teacher. I am teaching paint pouring to a class of Sr. Citizens next month and I will use your instruction, for sure!

  9. B De Tomaso

    How do you keep the paint from separating from the tile once it's dry since the paint doesn't absorb into the surface. Do you prep the tile in anyway before or does putting resin on afterward make it permanent? I have been wanting to make some of these to sell but I don't want to sell something that wont last and I have heard some people say the paint comes off when they try to clean the tile after it dries.

  10. Cindy Bielefeldt

    There you go, doing your magic again! I just dragged tiles out if my storage shed to create alcohol ink coaster, now I am going to pour paint on them. I just did a class with 9-14 year olds with pour paint, they had so much fun!

  11. Carol Martin

    Thanks so much, Shari, for the very informative lesson. That looks very fun and I love the idea of doing coasters. I always learn something when I watch your videos – always! Unfortunately, I live very near a Home Depot, so I can tell I'll be heading over there this weekend for a box of tiles. That means that this weekend, I may have to work on coasters instead of cleaning my office. Oh, the sacrifices we make!


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