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Food and agriculture competition for big money

who is the director of the Grow NY Program to our studio. Great to have you here. Welcome. Jenn: Wonderful to be here. Thank you. Mark: So big news. We want to share with our viewers the first ever grown New York food and agriculture competition will be held in downtown Rochester November 12th and 13th. Tell us about the event and some of the companies that could vie for a prize up to a million dollars. Jenn: That’s right. Yeah. The Grow NY Program is funded by New York State and planned and produced by Cornell university. It consists of a competition bringing, uh, startups from around the world here to the grow New York region, which consists of central New York, the finger lakes, and the Southern tier to compete for $1 million prize. Um, we’re looking at companies that are at any point in the food and ag supply chain. And on November 12th and 13th, we’re having a summit to bring that competition to life shark tank style. In addition to the competition in live judging, we’ll have panel conversations and expo, a really wonderful lunches and an award ceremony where we present that million dollar prize. Is it a winner take all scenario here? Well, we actually have $3 million of prizes. So in addition to the $1 million top prize, there are two, $500,000 prizes and for $250,000 prizes. Mark: How did Rochester land the opportunity to host this great event? Jenn: Well, Rochester proved itself to be perfect for it. Rochester and its environs have a long rich history of growing, making, moving and selling food, uh, play a pivotal role in new York’s food and ag, uh, economy. So a natural fit there. Uh, the Rochester Riverside convention center where we’re hosting the event is a beautiful venue for this kind of multifaceted, exciting, um, live interactive event. Mark: How can people register to take part and see this play out? Jenn: Absolutely. You can learn more about the program, the competition, and register for the event by going to grow- Mark: We should mention before we go – it’s free for students. Jenn: It is free for students. We’re really leveraging this as an opportunity to engage tomorrow’s innovators, right? Tomorrows a entrepreneurs in the food and ag space. Mark: Exciting. Uh, and it’s happening right here in Rochester. Great to learn about it and thank you for your time. We really appreciate it. Again, that website to learn more about this fascinating competition – we’ll share that on our site as well. You’ll find it posted at”

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