Formas de cultivar orquídeas cattleya.Ways to cultivate orchids cattleya.

Hi friends, best regards and welcome. In this Video we are going to talk about different ways or ways to grow orchids Of cattleya. This is a genus of orchids, preferably epiphytic and counted Some exceptions you can find some plant living in rupicolous way. Is Say about some rock. They are warm to medium. They can Cultivate perfectly in cold climate under greenhouse. Its cultivation is not Complicated enough to provide the right conditions to the plant, and she Will reward us with beautiful blooms. Are plants that in the Nature and where they grow they love to have very good ventilation in its roots. Here are some ways Cultivation methods The first and most popular or known is the cultivation in a pot or pot as Say in Brazil, plastic, closed like the one we are seeing in the image. is a Method widely used by commercial growers The size of the container must be proportional to the size of the plant Same as the substrate ie yes is a small plant The size of the container should be the same as the substrate. Same as the substrate for an adult plant, than for a plant that is Growing or hardening when Has come out of an in vitro culture. In this type of vessel It is best not to use moss and thinner substrates as it can To retain too much moisture, a substrate should be used in accordance with the Size of the roots, not too large or too small, to retain moisture but That the root can also have ventilation, so that they will not rot and The plant may die. Is the most common type of flowerpot because it is made for Gardening in general. Does not have a specific manufacture for orchids So it is so accessible and is in a range of sizes from the smallest From about 5 centimeters up to 40 centimeters in diameter For its shape and design is ideal to place on tables and counters where Used in large crops that are for commercial use, is a very Practice is not difficult to get the only detail to keep in mind that The roots of the cattleya are adequately ventilated when using the Size of your treatment according to the size of the plant. The second method is the one that uses baskets either metal of wood. Is a method of cultivation that the cattleyas love, since these Their roots exposed with much ventilation, which they Love is one of the methods that I personally like; but it’s a A method that is not used almost commercially but rather in collections Personal collections, or commercial cash crops use it But already to take advantage of the air space because generally this type of Cultivation is used the baskets when they are hung to take advantage of spaces Otherwise could not be taken advantage of. The great advantage is That in these baskets if the substrates much thinner can be used since There is no potting problem, and it is excessive retention humidity. On the contrary with this method it is necessary Be aware of the moisture because we can easily dehydrate a plant; But we will never have root rot problems for Excess moisture believe me it is a very good method When they are small collections, now if the environment in which they are Cultivated is an excessively humid environment If it is advisable to use coarse substrates otherwise with Thin substrates we do very well can even add small Quantities of moss to take care of moisture Often too thick substrates the moisture evaporates very Quick. Even you can water almost every day that we will not have Rot problems believe me you spoke to them with experience Itself, is a very good method. The third and last method is the cultivation On sticks believe me this is one of the ways Of safer cultivation in that we will not have Problems in this the only detail is that whenever they are Provide fertilizers are going to have to do in foliar form follow fertilizers Dissolved can absorb the plant through its leaves and roots But mixed with water. Which can even irrigate by immersion and if Wants every day that the plant is never going to To rot Good friends and that has been everything for today I wish you to implement the method that suits you best Successes in their crops and we will see in a next video where we will see others Themes and other very interesting things for our world of orchids Thank you very much, we will see you soon. bye

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