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Franklin Electric Agricultural Solutions

Oh with the cucumbers and potatoes that we raise especially if we were light on mother nature for rain we couldn’t afford to do it with irrigation we can put water on when we need it basically it’s an insurance policy with the irrigation you’re going to get a crop with water at given times is the difference between profit and loss water is the next oil in this sandy loam soil we’re only able to get from a hundred to one hundred and twenty bushels to the acre when we irrigate we can see yields as high as two to two hundred and twenty the reason we buy Franklin is we can buy complete packages we have used some Franklin even before we started with errand rice and had very good luck with them and when Erin said that he had Franklin I said hey that’s what I prefer but you can see behind us that is a Franklin package system with the Franklin pump and Franklin control systems package and that gives the farmer who’s purchased this equipment a longer warranty and more protection and the best quality product that he could have out on the market the technology in the last 10 years has just been unreal whether it be with our auto steer tractors and the technology that Franklin’s come out with with VFD drive systems for motors to only use the amount of pump that we need at the times we need it the power company gets really antsy when you’re trying to put a big motor on a single-phase system and when you call them and say I am putting a variable frequency drive on then that makes them more comfortable it gives you the soft start capability it does the conversion inside without having a rotary phase converter and I can put the bigger horse on to meet the demands of the system most of our panels come free program we see in most cases ten to thirty percent savings in electricity we have a hotline we can call we have sales and serve an engineering that will communicate with us almost instantly in this business when you need water you don’t have very much time to wait the problem we had was finding this particular pump well Franklin had the availability that we could find a Franklin pump within 24 hours this well was back in operation with no problems at all efficiency number one reliability number two and availability number three and that’s what Franklin provided for us in this instance one day down can mean the loss of a crop which is not just $20 it’s hundreds of thousands of dollars so you need to put quality in the ground to begin with and have service to back it up and I explained that to my customers for me it’s more quality and service but if I’m going to put my name on it and I want it to last then I’m going to put basically the best product in the hole you

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