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Free Range Pig Farming compared to Farming with Caged Pigs

so what i’m doing here i’m comparing
free-range pigs versus cage pigs we are comparing the feeding cost as well as
the growth procedure so let’s have a look and compare the two and see what’s
what’s better finally winter and we have some rain and look at this rainbow as
you can see these pigs on good shape this is the cage pigs they get feed in
the form of grains we use wheat barley canola and then also we add 16 kilograms
of pig grower Feed Tek in one ton so for every time we use 16 kilograms of Feed Tek pig grower. these pigs are 5 months old and they weigh roughly between as you can see the cages is a bit wet
we’re really good rain the last couple of days her in Cape Town very happy about
that so the pig den layout is very simple it’s 8 metes by 4 meters and they
sleep inside here basically this is the layout and we got a couple of them
running down here it’s now two weeks later and as you can see these Pigs has
grown quite a bit we feed them barley, wheat and some pig grower
let’s input through the hammer mill you 90 to 100kg right now we still get to pick some greens that we
harvest from the fields and as you can see they love it they enjoying it I just want to show you guys here you
can see the land is pretty dry it’s about three to four hectars and these
little pigs they just clean it up so there’s no more natural greens for them
so it appears the advantage here is that the pigs do grow much faster in cages
and I will show you the comparison with these ones brothers and sisters and then
you can see for yourself the guys from my point of view now that I’ve done a
comparison between the costing of cage pigs and free-range pigs I still believe
that caged pigs grow much faster if you enjoyed this video please like
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  1. John Logan Author

    Generally when we do free range pigs it is with a heritage breed that grazes and dose not root as much. They do tend to be slower growing but that is a trade off for better meat. Myself I am raising mulefoots.

  2. Mfundo Butshingi Author

    Wow nice. . . .starting to have an interest in Pig farming. . . . Grate job mate. . . .so how much does one cost. .. . when you do sell ?? Aprox. ?

  3. Brandon Domingo Author

    Hi Arno
    Ek is tans besig met navorsing, ek wil ook graag so n klein vark boerdery begin waar ek so tussen 40-50 speenvarkies op n slag wil grootmaak tot op so 100kg en dan mark toe vat. Is dit die moeite werd finansieel gewys? Neem asb in ag dat ek hulle in hokke gaan grootmaak.
    Byvoorbaat dankie

  4. BenPotlaki Author

    Thank you Malcolm for the insights. I'd love to come down to your farm to learn the ropes. I'm looking at starting up in the next 6 – 12 months in the NW.


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