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From the Farm: Crop-damaging insects

((AARON)) AS TEMPS DROP, MANY CROP- DAMAGING INSECTS WILL HAVE ALREADY FOUND THEIR WINTER NESTS ((CHRISTIE)) WCIA 3’S AG REPORTER STU HAS A LOOK AT THIS YEAR’S BUG ISSUES IN THIS MORNING’S REPORT– FROM THE FARM. Stu Ellis The primary foe for corn growers is the western corn rootworm, and Extension insect specialist Nick Seiter says the wet spring spelled doom for them& Nick Seiter Overall its been a pretty light year for corn rootworm. Not really surprising when you consider how late we were planting and it a lot of cases we were already planting corn when rootworm had already started to hatch, and so those larvae hatched into nothing and did not have any corn roots to feed on. So that reduced the population quite a bit. Stu Ellis But some farmers are finding sporadic rootworm damage. Nick Seiter Its pretty light for most of the state, but that doesn mean we don pockets out there we need to identify and need to be prepared for. Stu Ellis So you may have it in a field here or there, but you may not have it across your entire farming operation. Nick Seiter That right. That find these in little pockets in different areas. Stu Ellis And that may be a reason for some of those unexplained yield drops on field maps. So how should a farmer prepare for 2020? Nick Seiter You know it varies quite a bit from year to year and there that is going to happen from now until next spring, both in terms of the weather and natural enemies taking their toll on these populations. Each year is just a little bit different. 2019 has been a testament to that. Stu Ellis And Kelly Estes, coordinator of the Illinois Crop Pest survey says some farmers are being surprised with earworms Kelly Estes If you are in your corn, we are also getting reports of corn earworm feeding as well throughout the state. While populations are low, we have hotspots of different insect activity in different areas of the state. Stu Ellis And those small field pockets present challenges for 2020 seed corn orders. That

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