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Fruit and Vegetable Crop Management at MSU IAT/Northwestern Michigan College

My name is Will Schulz. I’m working on a project that’s a
collaboration between NMC and MSU. We’re working on a project to see
if we can detect cherry leaf spot in cherry orchards here in Michigan
using a unmanned aircraft system. We’re really fortunate to work with the
NMC in the ag-tech program, with Michigan State University,
at our research station because we’re housed right in Leelanau County, in the heart of cherry country, We produce some of the best fruits in `the world that come out of Northwest Michigan. We can offer students internships that really show those students some real-life exposure. My name is Cameron White. I’m out in the field every day with my boots on the
ground doing some of the work that farmers may not have the
opportunity or time to do themselves, looking for pests and
diseases and helping farmers identify those and make management
decisions around what I find. One of my goals as a Michigan State
student and an NMC student was to contribute to the industry as a whole up here and this internship has really
afforded me that opportunity. We can change or transform growers
lives with the data we collected all season By being able to enroll in both
NMC’s unmanned aircraft system and MSU’s fruit and vegetable
crop management program, I’ve been able to get education from both
areas to be able to bring these worlds together. It’s been a tremendous opportunity for me to learn from farmers and growers across Leelanau county. I feel really fortunate that we have MSU and Northwestern Michigan College to work with. I’ve really enjoyed the partnership. It gives us there’s a feeling that there’s gonna be a future, and there’s gonna be support for our industry. We’ve had tremendous success for students that have come through our programs. And we can provide that background and that foundation and that support, as they move forward.

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