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Fun Farm Animal Facts for Children | Kids Learning Videos

Fun Farm Animal Facts Cows Did you know that cows spend about eight hours each day eating that’s a lot of eating that’s why they make about 25 gallons of saliva each day Did you also know that cows also only have teeth of their mouths They have no upper teeth Did you know that cows can sleep while standing up Pigs Pigs are probably a lot cleaner than you think They don’t have any sweat glands so they don’t sweat at all but they do roll around in the mud they do that to keep themselves cool and to keep bugs and insects off their bodies A pigs best sense is it’s sense of smell it’s so sensitive it can smell food a couple feet underground Did you know that a pig only has four toes for each hoof but when they walk they only use two of those toes Horses Horses stand while they are asleep They only sleep about two and a half to three hours a day Horses drink up to ten gallons of water a day Horses cannot breathe through their mouths only through their nose Did you know that after being born it only takes the baby horse only one to two hours to stand up and walk The smallest pony in history was named Little Pumpkin he stood only 14 inches and weighed 20 pounds Ducks Ducks swim so well because of their webbed feet Their webbed feet is also the reason they waddle when they walk Ducks also have a special oil producing gland that makes their feathers water proof Did you know that ducks have three eyelids Thanks for Watching Have a great day


  1. Fuzzy Wuzzy Anipals Author

    Always great to learn some cool animal facts. Not sure why pigs get such a bad rap about being dirty and stinky…they seem to be just fine. LOL


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