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Fun For Louis discovers better farming with the Nestlé Cocoa Plan

Hey I’m Louis Cole And I’m here in the Ivory Coast to see how Nestle are helping local farmers increase their income And our first stop today is to meet Paul Kwarmikwasi I’ve been told that every year the Nestle Cocoa Plan distribute 1 million plants and train over 30,000 farmers like Paul Hello Paul So where are we? What’s so special about these seeds? And how long will it take for this plant to produce it’s own Cocoa? 6 times a year! That is incredible Next I’m off to meet Nathan, a Nestle employee and Diakite from UTZ, the pair help coordinate the farmer field school A series of educational sessions for local farmers We run this type of training to educate farmers on good practices And all this is to increase productivity and income for the farmers And what have they been learning today? So here it has been a lesson on disease control You have seen disease spore run around all the farmers here so that they can recognise the disease to fight against contamination What’s the most enjoyable part of your job? This is the contact with the farmers You go and feed it in and you have to be embedded in to this kind of tradition and culture and get out of it something that is interesting for them so, increasing their productivity, for instance it’s like “o.k wow!” You can hear it in the village, we learn about this And then we are increasing our productivity and profitability of our farms We are getting more money and they are happy about that So at the end you see the impact So you said you work for UTZ? What is UTZ and how do they work with the Nestle Cocoa Plan? UTZ stands for sustainable farming and UTZ collaborates with Nestle to source responsible and sustainable cocoa With respect to the people that plant it and profit Wow it must be so rewarding seeing the stuff your teaching actually impacting peoples lives? Exactly, that’s what basically the farming field school and the programme they are involved in is about It’s incredible to see the huge impact these new seedlings are having on local farmers like Paul but its clear that getting given these plants isn’t enough its through education like in the farmer field school sessions that initiatives like the Nestle Cocoa Plan are adding real value Check out my break with footballer Didier Drogba where we surprise the kids at one of the schools built by Nestle You can also watch my other two films about how the Nestle Cocoa Plan is helping create better lives and better cocoa


  1. Francis Delacuerte Author

    ça me dégoute les mecs qui vendent leur âme comme ça
    C'est sur que ce placement de produit ( quoique on peut parler de pub à ce niveau là ) à dû être bien juteux !

  2. cloudbear Author

    There isn't a person on the planet whom you can put in a hidden advert to convince me that Nestlé isn't one of the world's worst companies on the planet. These motherfuckers want to privatise water so that it becomes a commodity, not a right. They tell lies to African women, that their breastmilk is no good for their babies, so they can sell them their bullshit formulas instead. Fuck Nestlé, because they're fucking the world.

  3. Karina Huber Author

    Yeah increasing profit is all nestle wants. I don't believe it's real. Nestle doesnt give a shit about working condition and environment!

  4. canou fred Author

    just seen a kit kat commercial ln on childrens CMT channel on television, the commercial had rap music playing talking about dicks and pussy. Its sad nestle supports this kind of degenerate music being played to children. #BoycottNestle


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