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Garden Cleanup

Here we have a long-term crop of onions. They’ve been in the ground for quite a while now and it’s time to harvest them. The tops are starting to die back and so we can come into the soil here and pull ’em out and go and wash them off. We didn’t use a weed barrier fabric on this part of the garden so we have a lot of crabgrass, we have foxtail grass here, we’ve got some thistle over here. We have a lot of things that were just one or two seeds are now reseeding hundreds more. So if we don’t clean up this garden, and this thing was left over in the last few weeks of vacation and hasn’t been cleaned up and the weeds haven’t been kept down, they’re now going to reseed themselves and we’re gonna have a much bigger, worse problem next year. So we want to make sure that we clean this whole area out and get rid of all these weeds

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