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Garden irrigation guide – How to lay a seep hose

Welcome back to Garden Ninja. Today I’m going to be showing you how to fit a seep hose but depending on the size of your garden and the newness of your plans irrigations really important if you just put a load of hedging in like I have then youre going to have to think carefully about how you’re going to keep them watered until it established now as much as I love the trusty watering can it’s just not going to cut it on a large scale so a seep hose allows you to lay down some hosing and then simply use a tap or a timer to then water the plants for you saying you loads of effort and time and more importantly lots of water as well so come on let’s get cracking! So it’s pretty straight forward laying a seep hose theres a few bits of key equipment you going to need. So one is obviously the seep hose and this is a specialist hose so it looks like a normal hose but actually the surface is permeable so when you turn the tap on it fills up and then slowly start to seep or leak out of the hose s you can lay it around a border turn it on for however long you need and it will slowly seep out meaning you save water because you’re not just flooding the plants and slowly coming out the plants can absorb it and then you can turn it off. So you need a good seep hose and also you go to need some of these pegs these just secure the seep hose to the ground they fit over there we push them into the ground and I mean you turn it on it doesn’t kind of go into the crazy snake and start whipping around everywhere so there are two bits of equipment and then trusty pair of scissors when you get to the end of the hose because you want to cut off any excess and then put the bung back in that you’re not wasting water. What you will need is a tap nearby to the seep hose with the correct connector you can click the seep hose on and turn it on that’s if you’re doing it manually you can buy automated timing systems that fit on here that will turn the water on and off at different times throughout the day. Okay so you’re going to want to start your seep hose where there’s a connecter so conveniently I’ve fed this one through Make sure you get the right connector you can get these online quite cheaply or from a DIY store basically you need a connector that can connect into that seep hose. You don’t really want to run the seep hose all the way back to the top if the taps not next to the border because whereever it runs it will leak out because if thats its very nature so I would recommend only connecting it where it’s going to start then you’ve got to do this bit by bit and then peg it will show you as an example, you want it as close to the plant as possible and I found you usually by hand is enough and don’t you need a mallet unless you’re dealing with really thick heavy clay soil and I would recommend you cultivate your beds before you add this because if you go to just lay it on to compacted soil the water will just run off. SO I’m going to do this peg it all the way down another top tip is to unravel your hose before you start doing any pegging so it’s going to be a bit of you carry on film because as i pull one end that will spring back what do your best to get it stretched out beforehand because it will save your damaging your plants so I’m going to give it a go so now that the seep hose has been laid and pegged to the ground it’s time to connect it to your tap and fingers crossed and hopefully when you turn it on if everything’s connected correctly these seep hose should literally seep so you can see that just here it will start to bead and then wet the ground around it so you leave it on for however long you need to water your plants until they’re established so I’ve finally finished battling on kinking the seep hose its been fitted turned on now its watering all these hedge plants. If you like this video why not subscribe to my youtube channel check out my other garden how-to videos and garden design tips. I’ve been garden ninja thanks for watching happy gardening

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