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Garden Irrigation | The Garden Home Challenge With P. Allen Smith

Hey, I gotta bunch of plants coming in. We
gotta get some water out here. It’s time to lay some pipe. They say an eco-friendly house
can’t be built in 150 days for $150,000, and I say it can. I’m Allen Smith, join me as
I push the limits with time, budget and creativity with the Garden Home Challenge, exclusively
on eHow Home. John, it looks like you’re underway with it. Yes, sir. What are we doing here?
Oh, I’m figuring out my zones on what zones are gonna cover what areas. Okay. Now we talked
about the front here being zone 1 — does it not go all the way over here? Is that what
you’re thinking? Yes, so it’ll go all the way over to the hedge row. Yep, yep. And then
in here, this is the zone — is this gonna be 3 and 4 over here? This is gonna be zone
2, this will be zone 1. Ah, right, right. Splitting the walkway in the front. Okay,
sure. And then in this zone, zone 2, we’ll have, this is where we’ll have the drip irrigation
in the raised beds? Yeah, so we’ll have a drip irrigation to prevent watering on the
foliage and being able to get better saturation on the dirt. Yeah. Good, good, good. Of course,
the downside with that is that the drip irrigation, I guess, those pipes running through there
were prone to cut. Correct. Digging in the beds. And also, drip irrigation will stop
up. So I guess you’re just following the zones all the way around to the back, is that right?
Yes, the starting point of the main will be here in this back corner. Okay, right, just
by the back porch here. And we come on around, this is zone 5 and 6. And 7 being the last
zone up at the road. Okay, and so you’ll irrigate these Boxwoods and the Vitexs and the roses
all in 7. Correct. Okay. Let’s take a look at what you’ve done. Looks like you’re underway
with it. Okay. John, it looks like you’re making some pretty good progress along here,
being zone 1. Yes. So this particular zone will, when it comes on, will cover from the
hedge over here, all the way over to the other side near that wall. No, to this side of the
walkway right here. This side of the walkway, right. Okay, alright. And that’ll cover zone
1. And then when we move over here, which is zone 2, you’ll have a valve over here,
I guess. Yes, both valves will be together in one valve box at the corner of the house.
And, of course, our drip lines will be in these four raised beds for growing a few veggies.
Of course, the amount of water that you apply at any given place kinda depends on what’s
planted there, isn’t it? Correct. You know, you would wanna water in different amounts
from grass versus hydrangeas. Yeah, or azaleas or something like that really like a lot of
water. Correct. Right. So this is a standard size lot, 50×100. What do you think this would
cost, John, if somebody was installing it? At a 7-zone system, I would say probably around
$3,000. There’d be any way to do it with fewer zones, you think? Fewer beds would be fewer
zones. If I hadn’t got so carried away with the plants? Well, it’s really looking good,
John. You’re making some progress. If you’re enjoying these updates on the house, and you
find them helpful, I’d love to hear from you. And make sure you subscribe to eHow Home.


  1. drywallit43 Author

    Interesting was the landscaping included into the house budget or as usual was that left out as a stand alone component not included within the total home construction budget.

  2. scarpien Author

    So you're putting in raised beds for veggies, etc. That's great. Nothing like picking fresh fruit, veggies, etc. from the garden. As the the pergola, is a garden going under it as well, or will it be used as another "outdoor room?"

  3. P. Allen Smith Author

    You sure are paying attention. It will be a little bit of both- I'm planning on growing grapes on the pergola, but it is certainly designed to be an outdoor room.

  4. P. Allen Smith Author

    Great question. The water is actually coming from both- it will be sourced first from the rain barrel, and when/if that runs dry it'll be the well.

  5. Rosa R Garcia Author

    i always worked hard trying to have lots of flowers but my soil, is poor sooty an had no lucky specially with roses, some easy perineal, then, try the locals, like bushes.


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