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Gardening and Arthritis—Chapter 7 Conclusion

It’s very important that the tools fit the
user, therefore I’d recommend you first go to your local garden center, that way you
can check on the tools and see if the tool fits you before buying it. If you can’t find tools locally, go to your
web browser and type in accessible gardening. There you’ll find dozens of vendors who
sell a wide range of tools. If you have any gardening problems or questions,
you can call your local Cooperative Extension office or visit the website shown on the screen. People with chronic conditions, such as arthritis,
face challenges every day. The course, Living a Healthy Life with Chronic
Conditions will help you to meet those challenges. To find a class in your area, visit the website
shown on the screen. I hope the information contained is this video
has been helpful and will allow you to continue gardening for the rest of your life. Thank you very much for watching and good
luck with your garden.

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