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Gardening Plant Care : Coffee Plant Care

Hi, I’m Stan DeFreitas, “Mr. Green Thumb.”
One plant that you’ll probably really like in the morning is coffee. Well, this is it.
This is a true coffee plant. We’ll often grow it as a foliage plant inside your home. And
I’ve actually grown it where I’ve had some flowers and actually had some coffee beans
on it as well. No, I didn’t give Juan Valdez a run for his money, but it did make a nice
plant for many years. I had it up about four or five feet until I lost it one cold winter.
You do have to protect them. One reason we don’t see coffee growing that much in the
United States, well, it likes it tropical. It’s hard to find those right conditions for
most of us. If you’re in an area where it goes below freezing, you’re going to have
to bring it in or protect it because it will not take much frost without dying. But, it’s
a beautiful foliage plant and it’s one that you can easily grow and it’s easy to get.
Make sure you have a nice peat, pearl like type soil. Make sure that it’s got a pretty
sunny window or a bright sunny spot and a coffee plant can make a nice addition in your
home. For home gardening, I’m Stan DeFreitas, “Mr. Green Thumb.”


  1. hananokuni2580 Author

    Hello. The green seeds inside the fruit are roasted to preference and ground up to make coffee. Coffee plants do well south of USDA Zone 6 with protection. Outside the tropics and subtropics coffee plants do best in a heated greenhouse. Add plenty of leaf litter and other organic matter – including grass clippings – to acidify the soil. Coffees can adapt to high pH soils, but they will have discolored leaves.

  2. Sheds Direct Manchester Author

    For me, it can still be worthy to add the coffee plant in your garden because we will surely benefit for the overall health and development of these plants. I salute you Mr. Green Thumb for having a job well done! 

  3. Ethan Villalta Author

    hi: I live in Calgary/AB-Canada I put my indoor near at window but my coffee leaf seem burning? I thought they love sun?
    Leaf is yellow and dry feel like they are dying..I tried not water too much put food plant 1-2 week? how can I safe them from dying.
    Please help!!!!!!!!!!


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