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Gardening Plant Care : Strawberry Plant Care

Hi, I’m Stan De Freitas, Mr. Green Thumb,
for On Gardening. Strawberry plants are great plants to have in baskets, and in your vegetable
garden area. The Strawberry plant is an easy plant to grow, and of course we’ve had it
growing for just about ever, it seems. Most of the people will think of Strawberries with
straw on of course, but you can also grow them in containers. As has been pointed out,
the Strawberry has its seeds on the outside. Of course, they’re not much of a seed, but
they’re there. You can harvest across Strawberries on a regular basis. Remember, the Strawberries
need about six hours of bright sun a day, and as the name implies, straw used to be
used to cover them during the cold times. If you get a real cold spell, you may either
want to put a coating of ice on them, or you may want to put some straw over them, as well.
The Strawberry plant is a nice addition to the lawn and landscape, as far as it’s an
edible plant that’s a pretty plant, as well. Of course, you have this fruit here. Make
sure you keep harvesting it. Just like you’d take chicken eggs, the more you harvest, the
more it will keep producing. Here, you see we’ve got some Strawberry ready to harvest,
some that’s still coming on, and you’ve actually got a green one, as well. Strawberry plants
are easy to grow, they’re fun to grow, and they’re tasty. For On Gardening, I’m Stan
De Freitas, Mr. Green Thumb.


  1. Shetasen Author

    Sometimes if you have too many it will stunt the growth of others. Pick off some of the smaller plants and either plant them else where or give them to friends worst come to worst throw them out but let them dry out before you toss them. Add a bit of phosphorus high fertilizer to stimulate flower and fruit production as it sounds like you may have more nitrogen, which encourages leaf growth rather than fruit growth.

  2. Shetasen Author

    If you want more strawberries, replant the runners in the ground once it has establish 3 to 4 leaves pinch them off from the mother plant. Runners is also an indication of alot of nitrogen in your soil which calls for green growth rather than flower and fruit. Add some fertilizer that is high in P rather than N (look on your fertilizer bag) Also, pinch off some of the runners while they are young, this gives more energy for other growth for the mother plant than the daughter plants.

  3. studioPogledi Author

    That is not true, the fruit comes out of flower no matter what, but the seeds it has on (little dots) will grow into new strawberries only if the flowers were pollinated before (dont know if this goes for each fruit or the whole plant).

  4. Greg canales Author

    what is phosphorous base fertilizer?

    i grew straw berrys in a hot place and water them but somehow as soon they bloom they die any advice?

  5. PirateOfTheInternet Author

    I have to agree that this video was a waste of a minute & ten. It seems like most videos from expertvillage and ehow are exactly like this. If I want to watch something that gives me little relevant information, I'll turn on the local news.

  6. Virginia L Author

    WOW Mr Green Thumb are you the saint of growth? I took your amazing advice about strawberries and I can't believe the rate of success I have had!!! I started with only one little half strawberry I got from a fruit salad at work, and it has multiplied into fruit bearing plants in a matter of months! I can't believe I never heard this amazing advice before, and I will be sure to forward this video to everyone I know! I do believe this is truly a breakthrough… thank you… thank you…thanku.


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