1. paul zsoldos

    What is happening in Ukraine is no surprising, when ever the NAZIS of Chevron and Shell are showing up they always trouble. They don't want to pay the fair price of anything. They send in the crack heads who were hooked on those drugs on the streets of Amsterdam and where ever those drugs were shipped to, to create chaos and they can get the land for free.Time will tell which side Putin is on. Getting paid by the Rothschild or not. They have a hole a very large stock in both companies.

  2. anna kozakova

    shale gas extraction is highly toxic for the enviroment ,snd shale gas can be extracted almost anywhere ,almost all countryes have huge deposits of gas that can be extracted with this method all ukraine is a source of shale gas not only the east but,the EU wants to ban this method of mining for gas because of ecological reasons and rusian gas is much more ecological,i think this will not happen if ukraine join the EU is like poisoning your country because you dont want to buy gas from you neighbour that you didnt like 🙂

  3. ghh

    Obviously the majority of Ukraine population doesn't want to break relations with Russia and want to speak Russian. Why the Americans believe that they could force 60% of the Ukrainians to stop doing so?

  4. andy huu

    How fucking dumb some American are!
    they said US support overthrow Ukraine is not about energy benefit, for the past 25 years name one country US attacked does not huge resource such as, OIL, COPPER GOLD, GAS…etc.everyone else knew US is a DEVIL except Americans. By the way if you have family member at wars right now, chances they will not going home any years soon.why? because the government worries of backfire, all the propaganda will exploits. 
    Did you peoples heard the news your government may consider war veterans are terrorist because of depression, lol I think they worry US soldiers rises against them for BETRAY lies about go in to wars

  5. VFX3D

    Seems like its the Russians that want control of natural resources in all of Ukraine. Putin wants to preserve natural gas near monopoly that Russia has in energy export to Western Europe. Ukraine in EU, exporting its gas, is a competitor to Russian gas.

  6. Fox Inhenhouse

    US Taxpayers pay one or two trillion dollars for these clowns to enrich themselves on their billions in oil contracts.  We are still in debt from the Iraq oil contracts.  Where is our cut?  Disabled veterans from their wars are dying or committing suicide and they pull all of the dirty political tricks to deny them health care.

  7. hvypetals

    in other news oil is now believed a biotic self replenishing process of the earth and NOT made out of dead dinosaurs.

    there never was a fuel shortage.  there never will be.  mere manipulation of ignorance to bilk us for the paper we earn to pay for our place on the human farm.

  8. m michels

    NO, The WARS are not for Profits..they are for the TALMUDIC TRIBE TO CONQUER ALL GOYIM. The profits, contracts, money and cookies are just way to achieve total world domination of THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN.

  9. Donalds Ducks

    Interesting that this news by RT comes after US media tells that the reason why Putin attacked and grabbed Crimea was the huge Crimean sea gas and oil resources.

    Would have been more reliable, if RT would have aired the news first and not as response. Now it's a bit suspicious. Smells like counter attack to me.

  10. foresakenlion

    They had a referendum on being independent as a way to join the Russian Federation. This is annexation by proxy. It's still annexation lead by the Russian Federation.  They're not "Self-Defense Forces" Orwell. They're separatist terrorists engaged in insurrection and treason against the Ukrainian state. They're Russian Federation proxy forces. They're armed with military weapons of war. They're valid targets for the Ukrainian military as occupation forces of a foreign nation.

  11. Julberry Juan

    I can't believe it, us involved in this, I guess that's the reason why US won't listen to Russia about Ukraine.. Because they already know.. What they want in Ukraine is money, that makes NATO the oppressor. Coz fascist Ukraine is there..Germans can see it.. Coz Germans are very smart people..I would see Germany align themselves with Russia knowing the facts.

  12. ltmikepowell

    Strange, if U.S. did have so-called energy independence with their shale gas then why they go after other nation's energy resources? 

    Perhaps we seriously need to check the REAL graphs for the shale gas production in year 2013 and 2014. 

  13. Mwamba Kandimba

    Now where are those dumb asses CIA agents who always invade RT with massive attack posts of information distortion and who unceasingly blame Russia for its humanitarian intervention in Crimea? Stupid morons! If you know the truth it shall set you free!

  14. Roman de Caesar

    Time for veterans to get to Eastern Ukraine, and assist the Ukrainian people not only with the defense of Eastern Ukraine, but also to help the Ukrainian people take back Ukraine!!!

  15. Ogilthorpe

    So let me get this straight.
    Ukraine is poor and will be subject to economic austerities if it had joined the EU, according to comments in the past. But it has huge natural resources after all.
    Comments on RT hate the jewish state and zionism but criticizes Kiev to be jew-hating nazis. Russia imprisons political decent like Pussy Riot but frown on other countries when they do it.
    Did I miss something? 

  16. ninjabonez86

    it is strange the two degrees of desperation. but it kinda sounds like rt is grasping at straws. it's like how my brother's moms ex husbands stepdaughter once went to school with my old roommates little sisters best friend… guess what they didn't know eachother

  17. Fino Deligero

    Aust, new z.. heat.. experiment..solar energy.. wild after years improvement.. city of energy.. under sea is dangerous if no three 3 handles it well… space. space.. space…

  18. DaBoss985V2

    2me, feels like all these recent proxie wars r created and plotted mostly by the corporates who "Own" America. They're, in my opinion creating all this just to divert the public attention of the fact that the country is in deep shit ecomically and socially. If most of the people in America really knew what the fuck is taking place internally.. they'd definetley not let that shit fly.

    The current admistration (and some other specific branchs)* is working for the industries, plain and simple. Everytime they make a new law, push new bills and reforms,it shows. Everyone around the worlds sees it clearly!! it's all deliberate, been planned for a  long time. that's "Social enginereing" at it's finest.

  19. Maggie Archi

    Nothing new for me. Lybia, Syria, Iraq, Afganisthan are just few example where US kills people nowdays.
    FUCK THE US! The WW3 really becomes unavoidable.

  20. ninjabonez86

    journalism is about taking facts and bringing it to the masses. rt is nearly as bad as fox news. yes we know ur against America but have some damn journalistic integrity and don't have pundits make guesses with no proof or distort proof to back up claims


    Most if not ALL the members of the US government have sold their souls to corporations..They are PAID to start wars and exploit weaker nations for the energy giants.

  22. Patrick Hodock

    Russian, American and European oil companies want a piece of the Black Sea natural gas pie.                                                                                                                                           Losing Crimea Could Sink Ukraine's Offshore Oil and Gas Hopes. http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2014-03-11/losing-crimea-could-sink-ukraines-offshore-oil-and-gas-hopes  

  23. tingoorensis

    These corporations are not the chief instigators of the Ukrainian overthrow rather just cogs in the machine. Modern finance is the primary taxing agent. The real instigators are plutocrats who control firstly finance, national governments and media as well as the means of production. Above all that human nature determines what is and next up the nature of the universe regulates their lot. 


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