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Gene Expression in Prokaryotes – Molecular Basis of Inheritance – Biology Class 12

Do Subscribe To Ekeeda Channel and press bell icon to get updates about latest Engineering HSE and IIT-JEE Mains and advanced videos. Hello students today we are studying chapter Gene its nature expression and regulation in that we are studying topic gene expression in prokaryotes when I say gene expression in prokaryote it means how genes function in small organisms like estrecho Cola or Ecola this is a prokaryote let’s find out gene expression in prokaryotes now when i say prokaryotes prokaryotes are those exact organisms which are unicellular which are very small which have less number of organelles less number of machinery and they are not very complex processes present in these organisms an example could be your Ecola all the microorganisms are basically prokaryotes Paramecium amoeba our prokaryotes so how does the gene expression or gene regulation in this organism should function what you’ll think obviously the gene expression or regulation should not be very rapid also it is not necessary always that all the genes which are present in them has to be expressed at the same time because if there is not requirement of a certain gene obviously that gene has to be not to be expressed since if they do that last over of ATP would be used in that process and organisms could not afford to waste ATP for ADIZ and that’s not required that is the reason certain organisms almost 90 percent of the organisms have something which is called as inducer and repressor now when I say inducer it means it starts the process what induces the process of gene expression or regulates the gene expression by starting it off and when I say repressor now repressors are certain protein molecules or enzymatic molecules that bind and stop that protein synthesis process an example of this would be the lac operon system which is present in a cola has an inducer as a less than operator or promoter system gene expression or you can say genetic expression in prokaryotes on small organisms like e.coli or extra chocolate now for a bacterium it could be any bacterium whether it is gram positive a gram negative depending to function properly it is not necessary that all of its gene has to be expressed at the same time means all genes has to be forming protein it’s not necessary there could be some genes that are just present and I never expressed till its requirement is there now once this bacteria does that so has to conserve energy and resources in the form of ATP the bacteria regulates the activity of a stream so that only those products which are necessary for the cell function are formulas for example if there is an enzyme needed to break down lactose in food eating process of a colon then beta-galactosidase answer will be synthesized Lac those furnaces then it would be synthesized and there is no lactose present and Amelia obviously there is no need for e.coli to synthesize those enzymes it is unusual or you can say unnecessary waste of ATP the genes which will be turned on or off as per the requirement now the genes can be turned on or they can be started off by inducer molecule or you can say I start about you but as when they have to be turned off they can be done by a repressor molecule snub lactose operon Allah Cobra has put this inducer molecule as well as the repressor molecule basically the Nespresso molecule must or you can say covers the operator region so that RNA polymerase can never bind to the promoter region and form a protein now over on on a segment of gene expression consists of many transcriptional units when I say transcription unit it means units for segments that will help to form the proteins synthesis now in this several forms of genes are present which includes tips and kinds of proteins and this different kinds of protein the regulation is done by that inducer as well as the repressor kind of proteins so students the gene expression in prokaryotes is solely and wholly dependent on a concept whether that protein is required or whether that protein is not required and it revolves around the usage and the wastage of ATP as a source of energy I hope you’ll appear with this concept thank you


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