1. kikibortok

    if the medias have told the truth when they introduced the GMOs.If the FDA has done their work the right way,we would have never let it happen.I was pro GMOs,until i realised what it was really about.The whole system is evil for spreading false hope and lies,and creating those monsters foods.

  2. kikibortok

    They use tiny piece of gold with the gene they want to incorporate attached to it.Then fire it with a special canon into the plant they want to modify until its stick somewhere into the genes of the plant.It is a random process.Talking about babyfood, they where one the first modified food on the market, once baby learn what gmo's taste they get used to it and no need to have tasty foods as they dont know what it is …..

  3. periesicsd

    This video is from 2008! A new study about GM, or GE crops isn't that positive anymore.
    Search for the Washington State University's study about GE crops.

  4. WillowTM

    After watching this, it is clear why so many people are now allergic to wheat.
    Eff your GMO's, I keeps it organic like my ancestors biotch!

  5. myndy86

    There will be protests regarding genetic engineering/modification in california and throughout the U.S. on 3/26/11.

    Go to "Rally for the Right to Know" on facebook, for more information.

    Go to the "organicconsumers" website to sign petitions.

  6. boxa888

    @opaquetranslucence the major parts are the gold bullet model which penetrates the cell walls and disolves to allow GM material to bind with the organsms DNA. there are chemicals created by bacteria and viruses that are used to splice the DNA. basicaly ripping off bacteria's propagation ability to enginneer its own DNA to allow diversification. virus which infect cells have cutting chemicals and mending chemicals, they can be made by chemical enginnering to thus rip open DNA and fuse it!SCARY

  7. Jefferdaughter

    Einstien121 – outside of the lab, GMO's cannot be kept from breeding. Most crops MUST 'breed' to produce; ie grain & seed crops. The genetic modifications have already spread – to formerly organic crops & related native species through pollen.

    Organic farmers have lost crops (and maybe thier certif organic staus), and been sued by the patent holders (industrial agri corperations) – though the patent holders failed to contain their genetic contaminants (GMOs).

    Among other concerns..

  8. carlo

    nice video, i'm an italian biotech and i can say that this vid is good, nice one, u explain simply how is the world of GMO in the USA unfortunately in italy GMO are not approved and this is sad for our research. sorry for my englisch.


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