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Georgia Agricultural Hall of Fame 2019: Foster Rhodes

[music plays]>>Stephen Shimp, Ga National Fairgrounds Executive Director: Well, the Georgia National Fairgrounds
and Agricenter, as its mission, I mean, is youth and agriculture. You know, we see
it as one of our missions to introduce young people in the state of Georgia to
agriculture.>>Tony Tyson, retired UGA Extension Specialist: You know I think back to when I was in 4-H and FFA, showing
livestock and back in those days, that was in the 1970s, there really weren’t
any good state facilities for having youth livestock programs. Almost all the
shows that I went to were located in little county facilities around the
state which were rarely adequate for a, you know, world-class event or
particularly a state show.>>Foster Rhodes: The mission we were given early on – to have a place
where young people could exhibit animal agriculture and other forms of
agriculture, but have a place for them and make it that the number one priority
and I’m proud to say it I feel like that has been accomplished.>>Tony Tyson:H e had a passion
particularly for youth livestock programs and he was at the forefront in
promoting this facility and getting the agricenter built in the first
place. His efforts to get this done and you know the other people that were
involved but particularly Mr. Rhodes – my kids ultimately benefited from that. My
children showed lambs and heifers and they were able to utilize this facility
and this is a world-class facility.>>Keaton Walker, Ga National Fairgrounds Marketing Director: Mr. Foster is probably one of the most
hard-working, dependable and influential individuals we have here at the
fairgrounds. The influence that he has over our board and our authority and the
facility itself brings such a different atmosphere when he’s here.>Stephen Shimp: When you get
to know Mr. Foster Rhodes, you understand
his priorities in life and his character and it’s it’s his faith, his
family, and his work.>>Tony Tyson: I think everybody in their life probably has at least one or
two people that that they can say had a tremendous impact on their lives outside
of their family and a lot of times I think that person doesn’t even realize
what an impact they had and I think Foster – Mr. Rhodes – falls into that
category. He’s one of those people that just had a tremendous impact>>Stephen Shimp: Mr. Foster
Rhodes has been a constant in this facility in its beginning for the
last I believe he’s been involved for 35 years with this program from when it was
first conceived to where we are now.>Keaton Walker: He always make sure we tie it back to our mission. Each time that we have a meeting or that we’re discussing implementing
some type of change it’s always if it’s for the betterment of the facility.>>Stephen Shimp: He
has been, one for us that we could go to not only for advice but direction.>>Keaton Walker: The
legacy that I see that Mr. Foster is implemented here is one that I don’t
know if anyone will ever be able to surmount or surpass. He has truly brought
the atmosphere and created the atmosphere here at the Georgia National
Fairgrounds.>>Stephen Shimp: Of course it makes all of us proud as we work in this facility
which he and others helped create.>>Foster Rhodes: It means a tremendous amount to me
personally but I hope the mainstay is what it means to the facility here at the
Georgia National Fairgrounds and Agricenter. Basically I look at this as
an award for the Agricenter. [music fades out]

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