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Georgia Agriculture Heroes

Faster than a leghorn pullet… More powerful than an irrigation motor… Able to reap small grains on a single ground. LOOK! Out in the field… It’s a truck!!! It’s a plow!!! IT’S A FARMER!! Extraordinary visitor from
another agronomic galaxy Who tends the earth with powers and abilities far beyond those
of finite men. A farmer, who can change the course of mighty
terraces, Cut hay with their bare hands, and plant a ton of seed with super navigational
powers from his side-kick; the satellite in the sky. These resilient sentinels, with the aid of
technology, Till, Grow, Cultivate, Propagate, Raise, Gather, Pick, Milk, and Harvest more
produce, Beans, Grain, Beef, Milk, Eggs, and fiber than anyone Since the dawn of time!! FARMERS… FEED.THE.WORLD! What’s your superpower?

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