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Get the Most Out of Your Home—Tips for the Inside and Out

On this episode of Designing Spaces
we’re getting you one step closer to
becoming healthy, wealthy, and wise– Find
out how to improve your family’s overall
wellness by taking the guesswork and
footwork out of changing your home’s
filters. Plus no more cold
showers. Make
your water hotter, faster in just minutes
saving you time and money. Plus
see how good your lawn can look in a
snap, and imagine being able to grow your
own produce right in your own
backyard no matter where you live. Let’s get
designing. We all want what’s
best for our family. Clean air and water
should be at the top of that list, but if
you’re not changing your air and water
filters regularly you could be making
your loved one sick. Luckily Jen’s delivery from
Discount filters dot com arrives just in
time which makes it even easier to keep her
family healthy. So we’re at my house
today and my daughter Erin, and her two
friends wanted to raise money for college so
they decided to set up a lemonade
stand and they had pink and regular
lemonade. But
after they made the first batch something just didn’t taste
right so they brought it in and they
asked me and I tasted it and they’re right. You know
that doesn’t taste right. Yeah. You know
what, let me try and change the filter
and then I’ll bring you guys some more. Thanks mom. So
yesterday I received my filters from
discount filters dot com and I decided you
know what let’s go ahead, change the
water filter and see if we can taste a
difference. Filters are the key
to clean air and water– we all want
clean air and water– but they’re typically
forgotten about most homeowners may not
know where they are or they’re just not
seen so we don’t change them frequently
enough. So
I’ve never changed the water filter
before but I just watched a quick
tutorial online and I was able to
do it in under 30 seconds. My
refrigerator I just opened the top and
then I take out the old one put in the
new one and voila it was done. For her
refrigerator filter, Taste, she wanted better tasting water. It’s called taste. Erin, girls,
come on it’s ready! So after I
change the filter we mixed up a new batch and
what do you know it did the trick. So
good. Try! Oh my gosh, now we
can charge even more. Even if your water
still tastes good and you don’t feel like
it’s time to change that refrigerator
filter the carbon inside that filter might
be saturated for other chemicals
and might be letting those through in your
water so you want to change that with a
fresh clean filter. My family’s health
is very important to me and my youngest
daughter has allergies so when I was
shopping online for the water filters I
noticed that they had air filters too
and they had one that was called
allergies so that’s a no-brainer I went ahead
and got that as well. When I took out
the old filter is really dirty,
definitely gross, and I was very happy that I was
able to put in a fresh clean filter. Six
filters arrived in the box so now we’re
covered for about a year and a half. So as
soon as she signed up we gave her a
reminder every three months– she’s in a
program that she’ll be reminded– to change
her air filters, every six months she’s
gonna be reminded to change her
refrigerator filters. Not only is she gonna
have cleaner air and water but she’s
also going to have an HVAC system
that’s not gonna have to work as hard
because it’s gonna have a new filter, and her
refrigerator’s not gonna have to work as
hard to push clean water through. For
more information go to designing spaces dot
TV or discount filters dot-com. Order now and use coupon code
“design 20” and save on your next order. This is the show all about you
and your space; your home, and
surroundings. We’re Designing Spaces– We take
on DIY projects, get creative with
interior design, and get with the pros on
remodeling, and home improvement. I can
see myself living here I really can. Designing Spaces. [Music] [Music]
I’m Heidi Pettee I’m a decorator and
designer here in Fort Lauderdale. Having
teenage twin 16 year old daughters is
great. I’m Olivia. I’m Grace. We’re 16 and were
twins. The
girls are very active, they’re coming and
going all the time. They have
one bathroom that they share. What’s
going on? You have soccer games? I’m going
out with David. Where for
dinner? I know she called it
first sorry, you were late to the party. She was
born first and she gets to shower first? Between soccer,
sometimes they go out with their friends,
so the showers working a lot– a lot. There’s a bit of bickering as to
who’s gonna take the shower first,
sometimes the hot water won’t be as
strong for the next person, of course I’m
last. So my sister takes the
longest showers. No you take the longest
showers. That is not true. You
know it’s true. I would give the title of
taking the longest shower to Olivia. I
mean okay I’ll agree with that. But I
never have any hot water left it’s ridiculous. Now that
they’re teenagers they bring a candle in
there, they turn the lights down, they
take their Bluetooth in there, so the
showers have gotten longer and longer. I mean sometimes I like
to play music it’s kind of like me time. The
singing is not appreciated throughout
the household though. I have a
beautiful voice, thank you very much. [Music]
Today John is coming by from Tank Max
and he’s gonna make a few little adjustments to my tank so that I
will have faster, hot water and more
of it. Just trying to clean up here for
you. Heidi has twin sixteen-year-old
girls and not enough hot water. One
gets a warm shower, one gets a cold shower,
so we’ve got a 15 minute install, we’re
gonna solve her problem for her today. Okay here
she is. Okay yeah this should be
a pretty simple install. So
we’re gonna install Apollo Tank Max on
the top of her water heater and the
result will be she’ll get double the hot
water that she had before. Apollo
Tank Max comes as a kit and the package
contains adapters, a bridge connector, and
the actual mixing valve, everything you
needs for a fast and easy installation. So the basic Tank Max valve has
three components; it has this adapter
that screws onto the top of any water
heater, so once you put the adapter on
top of the hot water side it’s time to
put the mixing valve in. With the mixing
valve you can see that the hot water
comes in here will pick up the cold water
from the cold water side of the water
heater and 120 degree mixed water which
is suitable for bathing will come
out and service the rest of the house. Then we’ll
take this t, this t adapter and screw it
onto the cold water side and then you
just have a simple connector that was
included in the kit that connects the
cold water side to the mixing valve. It
was a pretty simple install, it took
about 15 minutes and that was it. Typically a water heater
replacement for a 40 gallon hot water heater
would run somewhere between 600 and $1,000
depending on what part of the country
you’re in, but with Tank Max it’s less than
a hundred dollars, it’s 15 minutes
and it’s double the output. A few nights
ago I even had two other girls over
here from the soccer team that needed
to take a shower so they figured out
who’s gonna go first, I went last,
so that was what, four showers– four girls,
four showers, soccer, long, candles, music,
you know the whole nine yards and I got
in later like at ten and it was it was so
piping hot it was great. For
more information go to designing
spaces dot TV or Apollo flow dot com
[Music] [Music]
Brittany and her fianc�, Nick, do
everything together– I’m Brittany. I’m
Nick. Well you know I can’t
start my day without my morning smoothie, or
my morning juice. We’re super into
health, it’s our ritual every day to
wake up and either make a smoothie or a
juice together it’s how we stay up on
health. We have three dogs, starting
from the oldest is Bella– she is a
Pitbull– then we have Boss, who is a rescue, and
he’s an American Bulldog mixed with
Pitbull, and then we have Cali,
who’s our little love, she’s a Maltese
it’s definitely nice having our own home
I mean it’s a lot of maintenance and
it’s a lot of work to take care of and
especially with what we do. I
have a full-time job, and part of my
full-time job is also running our
business. We’re
constantly working, when we’re home
trying to rest we’re finding something
to do with work. Emails, phone
calls, we’re always on the go. It could be
pretty challenging to keep up and make
it look the way that I would like it to
but it’s definitely nice having our own
space. But
it’s also a lot of work. So before we lived here we
actually lived in an apartment. Moving to
a home like this that’s all yours and
you know you’re essentially responsible
for how it looks. We do have a lawn
service but I definitely want to spruce up the
yard, trim a few hedges, get a few
corners, really make it look nice and
neat. So on
the weekends we’re so shot from the week
so we really like to take time for
ourselves, we love to have people over,
we love to entertain, put some music on–
especially when it’s nice out– get a few
glasses of wine going, and we’re good to
go. We have another couple
coming over this afternoon for a barbecue I
realize we’re out of a lot of stuff. Chips, dip,
good guacamole– everybody loves the
guacamole– and then dessert of course. While Nick runs out to the
store, Britney spruces up the yard with their
weed eater interchangeable tools. So we’re excited I wanted to get
a little bit of housework done
outside, a little clean up in the yard so I
was really excited about that. The
versatile weed eater has three
interchangeable tools all powered by a lithium
battery and it starts with just the push
of a button. It’s really nice having
an interchangeable piece it’s a
three-in-one; there’s a trimmer, a hedge
trimmer, and the blower that make taking
care of our yard so easy! So the
universal base has a 20 volt battery, it
has a long life, so you never have to
worry about it dying out on you while
you’re in the middle of your yard work. I’m not the strongest person,
I’m kind of petite so I really like tools
that are lightweight and again all of
these tools they’re powerful you know,
they’re lightweight, they’re super
powerful and super effective. So I popped out
the universal base from the hedge
trimmer, and then I just inserted it into
the string trimmer and I got to
work. That’s
one of my favorite tools because I
really get to get into the places that
the lawn mowers can’t get into. It lets
me really get meticulous especially up
against the house and up against the
driveway it gives me a nice straight
clean line. This has a universal base and it
goes with the three different pieces,
the three different tools, and you
know what it makes my life so easy. [Music]
I’m a little on the shorter side, this
is where I need his help and I needed
help trimming the higher hedges. The weed
eater Featherlite family of tools gets
the job done quickly and easily. Growing
up watching my dad you know do the lawn–
the front, the back, sides, everywhere– it
took all day you know from sunup to
sundown he was out there doing the lawn. Using the weed eater it’s so, so
easy and so convenient. So Brittany and
Nick can spend time enjoying their yard
instead of maintaining it. Cheers to
friends. For more information
go to designing spaces dot TV or weed eater dot com
This is the show all about you and your
space; your home and surroundings. We’re designing spaces. We take
on DIY projects, get creative with
interior design, and get with the pros on
remodeling, and home improvement. I can see myself living here I
really can. I did my homework online and
decided it’s time for a makeover. [Music]
I love being able to capture the everyday stories of life. Look at that! We’re gonna send
that picture to Daddy and to grandma. On Pet Spaces we provide for our
four-legged friends so they can have
better health and a happy lifestyle. We
deal with guinea pigs, and hamsters, and
rabbits, and goats, and we’ve even had
pot-bellied pigs come through here, and
one marmoset as well. Think
green is visiting the Honda Smart Home in
Davis California. A homeowner wants to
think about their own priorities when
they think about what sustainable and
green means to them. Honda is striving
to be a company that society wants to
exist. It’s
not just about the transportation we
want to be able to provide solutions to
the future in order for society to meet
its long-term goals. At
Designing Spaces we look at how technology is
changing the way we live for the better. [Music] [Music]
With DIY gardening at an all-time high,
the adaptability of a greenhouse never
looks so good. Just ask young parents Eddie and
Lydia who want to feed their four
growing kids organic produce, without paying
the higher prices. Like most
families we care about teaching them to eat
healthy, and sometimes that can be a
challenge. I
think it’s really appealing to teach our
kids where food comes from and understanding where the fruits
and vegetables can be grown. They
can walk right in the backyard and they
can help us water the plants, and can
care for the plants– It helps them be
more encouraged to eat the food that
they grow and it’s all around just a
better experience to do it in your
backyard. I
think having a green house would help
our family’s eating habits by eating
vegetables year-round that comes from
our yard, it comes from our participation. Installing a high quality
greenhouse would give the couple the
ability to harvest food for their family
year-round. And as they head off to meet
with David over at Riverstone industries
they just have to find the right one. The
urban farming trend is really being
fuelled by people that want to know what
they’re eating. Green house is perfect
for anybody that’s looking to grow
their own vegetables, use it for storage
of plants over the winter time, there,
they’re numerous uses for a greenhouse
and there’s really, it could work for
anybody. We’ll just go this way we’ll
take a look at the greenhouses. So do you
guys make everything here the US. Absolutely yeah 100% of
what we make is made here in the US
right here in our factory mostly. That’s
great. Yeah
awesome. Yeah we’re very proud
of that. [Music]
Why don’t we start over here with this
greenhouse– all the polycarbonate on all the
Monticello’s are eight millimeter, twin
walls so it’s about a quarter of inch
thick, so in the summertime it helps to
keep it cooler and then the winter time
it helps to keep it warmer. It’s
specifically designed for patio growing
so it’s, it’s great for small areas,
produces a lot of plants and food, it
also doubles as a seat starting house. Does it come fully assembled
with all the stuff included? Yeah
everything that you see here, comes with all the
shelving comes with it, it actually has a drip
irrigation system that’s on a timer–
takes the guesswork out of your crops
drying out and the hot summer Sun. How’s
the installation process? Installation on
this will probably figure about a day to
put together. It comes with a 10
year warranty– all Monticello’s have
a 10 year warranty on them. I
think we’re looking for something that has a
little bit more space. You know we have
four kids, we want to have a room to
be able to come in there and move around
and dig into the dirt a little bit, have
some trays set out. Well we have
other greenhouses we could show you. Yeah
okay let’s take a look. All
right let’s go. Here’s another greenhouse I
think it might be a better fit for you. This is called the Monticello
Mojave edition. Let me just shut the
fan off. What’s the advantage of having a
greenhouse with a fan system or just
having regular ventilation? This
greenhouse comes with two roof vents and
their positioned all the way in the front and
what it does is the the doors are closed
and it creates a draft, all the hot air
is at the highest point and when the fan
goes on it’s an exhaust fan it pulls the
air through, out the back, so you’re
naturally getting rid of all of the warm
air, cooler air is coming up and it’s
going to cool the greenhouse down. We
have an overhead sprinkler system. It
does come standard with the workbench,
right behind you is a potting sink and it
also comes standard with our product the
veggie B– which is a mechanical
pollinator. So does the
greenhouse come in different colors? All
of our greenhouses are available in the
black– which you first saw– or the natural
aluminum, and this one also has a tinted
roof panel. It definitely checks
all my boxes off about what we’re
looking for, what would fit our family,
something that can grow with our family, that
would last for a long time. I guess the
only feature that I think would be more
beneficial is just a little bit more size. I
still want to see the other greenhouse and
just check out what it has too
because you know who knows it could be
better. This is the last one I want to
show you, guys just step right in. So this
one’s actually my favorite for cool
reasons; it’s very, very similar to the
last one I showed you guys which was the
Mojave, it comes with a shade cloth
system which is great because what you
can do with this, if you detach the
Bungie balls on either side, and literally if you want more Sun
you roll it back. Wow yeah! Are there any
other accessories we can add to this? Yeah absolutely, so
on any of the greenhouses, no matter how
you purchase it, there are additional
options. What about light
fixtures if we wanted to do some grow lights
maybe? Yeah we have grow
lights– they’re LED grow lights, they’re
specifically designed for growing they carry
the same frequency so they are incredible
with anything that’s green. You’ve
probably seen them in all of the greenhouses,
all of the roof vents that we have
utilized the same system, they’re automatic,
they’re temperature sensitive. So what
happens is as it gets warmer inside of the
greenhouse– doesn’t matter what the
temperature is outside, its what the
temperature is on the inside– they
automatically open. We can
definitely do so much with this one, probably
too much I mean we could feed our whole
neighborhood with this thing. I
think that we’re probably going to
decide on the Mojave greenhouse because of
the size, I mean all the features
that it comes with is very nice– That’s
the best fit for our family. The deciding
factor for me, the Mojave has a good
space, it’s not too much, it’s not too
cramped and tiny, and it has all the
features of the upgraded version. Eddie and
Lydia made an excellent choice in their
decision, the Mojave is perfect for them. I
think they’re going to be really,
really happy and the size, I think is a
perfect size for a young family. For more information visit
Riverstone industries dot-com
[Music] For more information on anything
you’ve seen on today’s show, or to
learn how you can be a part of the show, go to
our website designing spaces dot TV. You can go
to these websites to learn more about
the participants on this edition of
Designing Spaces [Music]

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