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Getting 11 New Snakes in 1 Day! Rainbow Boas, Hognoses & More


  1. inmydarkesthour 22 Author

    I want a snake or lizard soon…IDC what they look like lol….more important is temperament to me…am I alone in this? Nor do I care if they burrow or are out all the time…I just want to give a reptile a good life….

  2. clavira Author

    emily from snake discovery has lots of hognoses and hers are pretty docile, that's the place that i know them from ^^ maybe you just look or smell tasty to them?

  3. JesickaChaos Author

    As a hognose owner, that one chewing on your finger? That's a feeding response. Some young hogs try to eat everything until they figure out what's actually food. Some will go on hunger strikes rivaling ball pythons. Also not all hogs are 100% burrowed all the time. My male prefers to climb and sleeps above ground, my female sleeps half in half out of his substrate. Hogs tend to have wildly varying personalities and make for wonderful pets, but I would say they are definitely not recommended as a "my first snake" kind of pet.

  4. Sophie Hanson Author

    I can't wait to get my hoggie but in my local reptile shop the owner and his workers and volunteers handle most of the animals in there and when I get a chance I go and hold stuff haha but yh almost anything u buy from him is tame af and if not he helps go few it all so mine wone bite hopefully hehe xx

  5. Amber Author

    The hognose had a feeding response. They normally hiss, hood up, and smack your hand with their head if they don't want picked up. It looks hungry rather than aggressive

  6. Sydney s Author

    List of quotes that I wholeheartedly appreciate: "they just shoot the babies right out" "they're ready to just jump in the light, ooh yeah" "he just keeps chewing-ow" "yes I am judging you for your opinions. Are they for sale? Yes but you're weird if you buy them."

  7. Chara Belle Author

    I stan the fact that hognoses are known to not want to eat ever, and that dude is specifically trying to eat your finger. Knowing the species he'll prolly refuse real food though 😭

  8. Reptiles Unlimited Author

    After waiting almost 8 hours to watch this video because of school I'm not disappointed! I Love your videos! Hope all of the new snakes find a good home!

  9. KatsKovers9988 Author

    Excuse me but my hognose takes runs in her terrarium several times a week like a soccer mom in the suburbs.

    If she’s upset (which is rare- and always because she sees my cat on the other side of the room) all I gotta do is pick her up and she calms back down proceeding to be chill again

  10. sandramorrison99 Author

    Er mer gerd!! That HOGNOSE!!
    You cood LITERALLY just WATCH that LITTLE BEASTIE for HOURS , AND NEVER be bored!!! & YES I'M WIERD!!
    I think SLUG/Snail snakes are AWESOME!!!
    Look them up- & watch them EAT, YOU'LL SEE!!

  11. Kira Kiona Author


    Aww he hanggry noodle I love them they are my favorite animal I can’t wait to get one as my first snake

    I know they arnt great beginners but from what I remember it’s really because they require more patience and time than others but if it means I can keep my favorite animal I’d say it’s worth it for me

  12. evilqueen13 Author

    My two hognose only act like they want to eat me when they are hungry. They hang out on their logs sometimes but other times it's like having pet cedar shavings. The one thing they really hate is when you go in over top of them like a predator if you slide in and scoop from under them they are a lot more chill.

  13. Amanda Anderson Author

    Oh I forgot. You have a conda-morph western hognose! That's what the black belly and more spaced out pattern is. If anyone wants these, they're fantastic. If you breed two condas together, you get a superconda. They're gorgeous!

  14. Brendan Cei Author

    I wanted to say this on Rosie’s vid but here: My bio/ plant and animal teacher’s room is filled with snakes fish lizards turtles and he takes better care of them than most youtubers he takes them to vets feeds them consistently and follows the best care sheets you could find all his snakes are healthy and happy he comes in regularly on weekends and summers to feed and take care of them even takes some home with him he lets students handle them throughout class periods (not too much though he knows it can stress them out they will only be able to be handled like once or twice a day and he always declines requests to handle 1-2 days after feeding them he is a god among men

  15. Baaspark Openings Author

    I dunno, that monchin hognose doesn't seem to be displaying the hognose behavior that I'm used to seeing, but I've never had hognoses so dont take my word for it. He seems to be having a food response to literally everything – which is actually sometimes the sign of a confident snake (I dont know if it always is tho) AND is good in general considering hognoses tend to be very picky eaters. If I had any experience stopping food responses in overly hangry snakes and I was looking for a hognose like that, I'd pick up that male in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, I have -0 experience with it and can only keep my one snake atm, and my next snake probably wouldn't be a hognose for the reasons you mentioned.

    Speaking of my one snake, he kept staring intently at this video during the hognose section and that hognose better not be a bad influence on my precious corn snake lmao

  16. MissMiniMe Author

    Oh i'd love to purchase one (or two if my bf agrees ^^) of those little Hognoses, but
    1. Sadly i am from germany, so shipping would be..ehm…not that easy.
    2. And we already have two cornsnakes (one year old) already. They currently live in a smaller tank and will get a bigger one once they are big enough. The smaller tank will then be the new home of our future hognose snake (yes, we are weird but so are those little hook-nosed noodels)

  17. Blue Loon Author

    You are the worst salesman ever 🤣🤣

    "This snake is ok, I don't like them though."
    "This snake is nuts, I don't know why anyone would want one"

  18. Ariel Fernandez Author

    I just got a baby hognose and he's so sweet. Even though he's only 3mo, he didn't get huffy or anything the first time I picked him up. The breeder handled him a lot and everything so I got lucky 🙂


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