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Ghost Recon Breakpoint 50K EXP FARMING?!

Hey, what’s up gamers! This is my first YouTube video/tutorial, so please bare with me. 😛 Ubisoft. If you are watching this please don’t patch this. K Thanks. So let’s get on with the tutorial! At the beginning of the game, there is a location where you encounter enemies at level 150 gearset. Now obviously these enemies are too hard to encounter head-on with just a pistol. Especially if you’re like me and have to play everything at the hardest settings the game has to offer. This is a preference of course, but this tutorial works with any difficulty. In my opinion, the MK14 is ideal for this tutorial so I suggest finding one in the open world before attempting this. Now I don’t have a lot of armor with exp boost, but the more armor pieces equipped the better your boosting experience. No pun intended. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) At the Diamond Lake Bivouac and others, there is a +10% exp bonus for 1hr. Conveniently there was one near the Airship Air Station and the “Eagles Down” (Search for Survivors 2/3) main mission. To note DO NOT continue with the (Search for Survivors) main mission until you are done boosting for whatever gear and exp you desire. By completing the main mission your force spawn will be elseware. Instead of running back to the boosting spot just throw a grenade. Once you respawn you will be brought back to where the last force spawn is located. Which is located between the Airship Air Station, “Eagles Down (Search for Survivors 2/3) main mission, & Diamond Lake Bivouac. *dead* mission passed respect + ( ⚆ _ ⚆ ) *silence* Loading. Loading.. Loading… Loading…. Loading….. Loading. Loading.. Loading… Loading…. Loading….. Loading. Loading.. Loading… Loading…. Loading….. Loading. Loading.. Loading…. *Halo Bloop* As you can see I’ve spawned back near the *Dangerous Area* warning location near the (last) crash site. When you reach level 2 you will be given a skill point and you need to upgrade the Experience Upgrade. Once you’ve done that to Reach the Perk Recon Mastery. It’s important for all difficulties of the play-through of the game to crouch behind this little rock. For some reason, the game thinks it is a full cover so the enemies won’t spot you as fast. This is where the Perk Recon Mastery comes in hand. As you can see when I spot any enemy I get a bonus of 50 exp times the +20% Experience Upgrade, +5% Pants, & +10% Resources exp bonus. After spotting the 150 gear enemies I found that you can capitalize on more exp by flying nearby and marking the other hostiles in the area. At least until your done’s battery either dies or loses signal. It’s really effective using both of these methods together because you could be getting about +2k exp every run or more. Effectively if it takes you about 2 mins a run, you could be averaging 50-60k an hour! *dead* *dead* *dead* *miss* *dead* *dead* *dead* *dead* (┛✧Д✧))┛彡┻━┻ It’s optional is you want to kill the other enemies in the area, but I prefer to just toss a grenade and repeat the same process a seemingly endless amount of time. Congratulations! This concludes my version of boosting exp/gear in Ghost Recon Breakpoint! Please leave me comments on things I should change or what you would like to see from my channel in the future so you can help me grow! *meep* Like and Subscribe! Please ಥ_ಥ

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