#Ginger bread man family #kids special #recipe 2019 (using wheat flour)

This is Kids Special recipe to prepare Ginger Bread Man using Wheat Flour Ingredients required : Wheat Flour 2 cups , Milk 300 ml Butter , Pure Ground Nut Oil , Ginger bread man shapes , Salt First prepare a soft Wheat dough by adding milk . I have given the link to prepare this soft Wheat flour dough in a separate video. Please check my videos. Link is given in the description Flatten it to smooth round shape Press Ginger Bread Man Shapes on it and gently take each shapes Heat a small pan first with pure ground nut oil Place ginger bread shapes one by one and slowly turn it over Do not leave it for too long else it turns too crispy and dark brownish You can Ketch Up and Black pepper / Black CUMIN seeds to decorate Enjoy this recipe at home and write down your feedback 🙂 Take care ! Stay Fit and Healthy 🙂

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