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Giving in 60 Seconds – Amber Thomas | State Farm®

Music My name is Amber Thomas, and I volunteer with Big Brother/Big Sisters. Big Brother/Big Sisters is an organization that helps kids match with a either big brother or big sister. And they help them with school work and really be that mentor they can look up to. Giving back to Big Brothers/Big Sisters is important to me, because I know that I’m making a difference in Ciara’s life. Typically, we hang out about 2-3 times per month. I always try to find different stuff that she normally doesn’t get a chance to do. We like to bake, go to the rodeo. And then we also like to do go to vintage baseball games. It builds her confidence that she can actually do other stuff that she thought she normally couldn’t do. It’s really fulfilling being able to watch Ciara blossom into the person that she is and she’s becoming. There’s so many kids that are needing a good role model, so it’s really cool to just watch her grow and be there for her. Music

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