Gluten May Not Be the Ingredient in Wheat That’s Making You Sick

if gluten isn’t the big problem that everyone thinks it is? For years people have been avoiding breads,
pastas, and other common foods because they believe that they are sensitive to gluten. New research is pointing to another possible
culprit for symptoms that have come to be associated with gluten sensitivity. These symptoms include headaches, bloating,
and water retention. Yet, before we start telling everyone that
they can go back to consuming gluten, it’s important to recognize that a small percentage
of people are allergic to this mixture of storage proteins found in many grains. The truth is that some people have a very
rare disease called Celiac disease that causes them to have a serious negative reaction when
they digest even the smallest amount of gluten. The presence of this disease can be confirmed
with a blood test performed by a medical professional. For these people with positive results, gluten
should be completely removed from their diets and avoided at all costs. However, for the multitude of people who simply
think they are sensitive to gluten, news is on its way. Some studies are now pointing to the possibility
of a different substance causing most of the problems that gluten is being blamed for. It’s called fructan, and it’s a carbohydrate
that is found in wheat. It’s also found in some green vegetables
like cabbage and asparagus, as well as onions and garlic. Even worse than being present in other foods
besides wheat, this sneaky carbohydrate that could be causing so many bloating issues may
have also been the culprit behind a somewhat dangerous fad diet that has people cutting
out any wheat consumption from their diets. The aforementioned research used three types
of cereal bars to show that people who think they are sensitive to gluten had little or
no reaction when given a cereal bar containing gluten. But, when they were given a cereal bar that
contained fructans, the large majority had a negative reaction. If the study is correct, it could reverse
a trend and actually help people improve their health by avoiding what is really causing
them to react rather than what has been thought to cause them to react for so long. Foods with higher gluten levels but lower
fructan levels could be what’s up next.


  1. The Sheila Cliff Author

    To be honest I don’t know what is legit anymore; today it’s this, tomorrow it’s that. Can’t we just eat and enjoy food as it is? 😔

  2. 2MauiAngels Author

    Gluten is NOT the problem! The problem is GLYPHOSATE!! Wheat is sprayed with it during growth & just before harvest to make it easier to combine. MONSANTO's GMO killer crops absorb the poison, so we eat it in ignorance & wonder WHY we're getting sicker & fatter! GLYPHOSATE IS TOXIC!

  3. Sister Kesler Author

    You all should know that these corporations add dangerous poisons in our food supplies that we purchase in stores…if you can't grow it or kill it you should not eat it.

  4. Diana Boughner Author

    I cannot agree with this. I don't think I am celiac but I definitely have very bad reactions to wheat and other gluten containing foods. Rashes, brain-fog, constipation, muscle weakness, fatigue, dizziness, etc.

  5. chrystalelizabeth Author

    I stopped eating store bought bread about a year and a half ago … every time I ate it my stomach would bloat and I'd feel awful … I've been baking my own bread since then and I feel so much better and I've even lost weight !!

  6. melissadzaferagic Author

    This really caught my interest as I am in the 3% of the population who celiacs disease and cannot eat gluten. After going gf I still had stomach issues and a hydrogen breath test confirmed I have a fructose intolerance. After drastically decreasing fructose from my diet, I noticed great improvement. Totally agree with this video!

  7. TheOrganiclady Author

    I saw a video put out by a Mormon gal who ground her PROBLEM was actually purchased yeast. She now makes her own yeast and no longer has a problem with bread.

  8. Monkey Jax Author

    gluten(especially white flour) is the most toxic food source for the human body next to refined white sugar. get the hint (GLU) that's what happens to your body and brain


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