GooseBerry (Aamala) Farmer Testimonials from Tamilnadu in Local Language

My name is Ashokan. My native Tamilnadu, Tirunelveli. Near Kanyakumari. My farm is in Tirunelveli. I planted nearly 50 acres in amla. I am using Aspee sprayer at that time using a tractor with trailer. Aspee sprayer is attached in the trailer. One driver is required to drive a tractor. Two members are required to pull the force. Two members required for spraying. In this time 5 male human power is required. One labour wage is 500, 5 labour wages are nearly 2500 rupees. In this also time we can’t able to cover properly. Aspee sprayer not having a fan. So that droplet size is very high. I am searching for Bombay, Nashik and some other places. I search and check nearly ten companies finally I selected MITRA. MITRA service is very good. And some parts also imported so good quality. Before 5 male human power is using for sprayer but now working only one manpower. Before I’m using two tractors but now I’m using one tractor and one machine. After that, I’m using less than 50% of chemicals & labour. My major savings one is chemical and another one is the labour. I spend several lakhs of money on the chemical. But I’ m saving the money. MITRA company present in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh & all the area. So if any problem within 24 hours we can get service engineer help. I am facing some problem in the first time in spraying guns, immediately he solved the problems. Any problem happening immediately solve the service team. Every year I am saving nearly 10 lakhs of money with the help of MITRA sprayer.

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