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GPSA Policy Priority #5: Balance agriculture with competing land uses

Grain producers need policies and
programs that protect broadacre land from competing land uses such as mining,
gas, wind farms and other incursions that take out grain production. This
election that’s why GPSA is going to continue to call for an independent
review into the Mining Act 1971. The current government has undertaken and commenced their Leading Practices Mining Acts Review. However, we are concerned
that the rights of landowners are being eroded. Growers also need a dedicated
government funded resource to be situated within Primary Producers SA. This
will help lessen the conflict between landowners explorers and miners by
providing information and support to farmers as well as a direct link to the
Department of State Development and other relevant experts. We also need
effective land-use planning to protect existing users and resources. This can be
done through establishing buffer zones that protect the existing users from
new land-use developments.

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