Grammostola Pulchra (Brazilian Black) Husbandry and Rehousing

all right Tommy ran your mouth do rehousing at my grandma's stole polecrab gotten a lot of requests on care for these guys they're also going to be re-entering the Hobby they were around quite a bit when I first started buying up a lot of different species and I think I got mine for about 3540 bucks while back but since then nobody's been breeding them unfortunately in the States they're very difficult to breed apparently and it's difficult to locate males so they disappeared for a while so I feed them on my best beginner species list but shortly thereafter you could not find them anywhere well Tanya if you're not sure Angela's got a bunch coming in so people didn't want to grab some of these are gonna want to act fast because it sounds like they won't be in the hobby for a while after that but we'll get touch upon that a little bit later on for starters how to set up the slings I had mine originally in the old 16-ounce deli cop that wasn't exactly disability cup but something like that or a container this size round one same thing about 16 ounces maybe a little bit more um I they also have the square and that boxes that can work but know that these guys will burrow is slings mine actually did quite a bit of burrowing burrowed all around the side a little tunnel underneath I kept them moist at first but let it dry out in between because they didn't seem to prefer the moisture level but again with all slings it's pretty much the same for the majority of species just a couple I wouldn't keep boys keep at least part of it moist and give him a water dish so once she hit juvenile I'm saying she I'm not sure the section hopefully wouldn't get a good potential shot so he'll be able to help me out because I'm terrible at ventral sexy once she had juvenile size about two inches or so I put her in this one here and then she's still sitting right out here she ran up front mm-hmm get too close because she will scramble so there he or she is I don't know the sex again wishful thinking I'm hoping for a female this one has an amazing feeding response this one's up there with firm activists as far as eating and as you can see they will burrow with given the dirt I've got a new enclosure over here that hopefully will give it it's about yeah four and a half inches so dirt what'll happen is field dig this will all become dirt here just have a nice little burrow so I'm going to try to give her that opportunity to burrow if you like and I used to pull them off ooh good for looking in the background because what's the Dana Moran house without dogs looking now before we started I said if any spider I transfer is gonna give me a hard time I had a funny feeling was going to be this one hmm this is a new one this is kind of crawling around like yeah he's using her her fangs to keep her steady and she's trying to kill my brush mm-hmm are you getting this seen this before in your life I've got the Cartman get your leg over there actually yeah all right that was not so much fun I was trying to get a ventral shot I've never that that just shows you right there these guys have reputation that actually been referred to as like the black lab of tarantulas but mine I wouldn't say by any stretch of the imagination is defensive or aggressive but as you can see there he or she would not back down he just kind of grabbed onto the brush and wasn't letting go that was funny all right so I was hoping to get a ventral shot I don't know if you're gonna be the scene unfortunately I was going to try to grab my clear cop can you see right me abdomen between the first two bookings I don't know if it'll show up this cup is caca so much that can you see anything I think it looks mailed to me I'm not seeing a big butt right so I again hoping female but was kind of prepared now but may all males are rare too so the good thing is if it does end up being a male this one will definitely be going off bread because we need these in the Hobby there are nothing there's nothing in the hobby right now we had to get import in from I want to say they're coming from Germany so they're coming from Europe and where they're having more success breeding them but this is one of the problems with the tarantula hobby in the United States I've had people from Europe ask and inquire about why things are so expensive over here well it's because we're getting them in from Europe so obviously if you're doing it correctly and you're paying for the man this one is just normally if you're paying for the import and doing it correctly it's gonna cost money to get them into the country so hence the higher put I I told didn't I tell you beforehand I had this one call we're gonna do a fur mikta pistol later and I guarantee it won't go nearly as like what the heck so you know you're not usually go away from the brush this one's trying to get the brush you know seriously what are you doing all right there we go so juveniles I give him a few inches to burrow this one actually started with about four inches so I always start the burrowers with a piece of cork bark and first so that they can take refuge under that and that usually gives them a good point to start burrowing so it'll settle in a lot quick right down again they won't use the cork mark very long as you can see this one over here has been completely buried but that's what I wanted then they go underneath and burrow as adults most will still show some of that Burling and hopefully this one will go ahead and do some burrowing in here so I don't catch it out much because he's kind of nasty actually he's fairly laid back but he would not back down temperature-wise they do perfectly well at room temperature there's no what she's there I would not say there are particular humidity requirements some people keep theirs on the moisture side I found that this species doesn't show any preference when you moisten the corner or side down although I do overflow the water dish and during the wintertime when it's extra dry keep a corner wet again though it doesn't seem to matter to it they are eating machines this one will gobble three or four crickets and a pop and with much gusto I found that they grow at a moderate pace mine actually grew when I picked it up I think it was about I want to see an inch sling and it grew fairly quickly at that stage I don't know if you start with them smaller some of the granilith species take forever to get to an inch so maybe people can chime in on their experiences with the smaller slings but this one it took about two and a half years two years maybe to show it's black colors and you can see it is a gorgeous spider and as far as are they a good beginner species they're an excellent beginner species as far as having a fairly even temperament me see this one's not going nuts or anything of that nature they're very very Hardy the biggest issue right now is if you want one they are expensive so be prepared to shell out upwards of ninety one hundred dollars if you find a sling I know Tonya through not tarantulas right now he's got slings with the habitats for ninety five bucks and all people may be going oh my gosh so pricey well that's the problem when you have to import things unfortunately the prices are going to go up not many people have them so I would encourage people that if you find them and you really want one grab one now because it could be a little while before you see them again and for those of you who do grab ones let's grow them up and try to get some breeding projects going in the United States so that we can keep keep a sustainable population for the Hobby because it is a shame when you have a species that was once fairly common all would disappear from the hobby for a while so there we go Graham Stoll polecrab Brazilian black I believe it is they forget anything about this and think so I think it coverage about temperatures humidity sometimes it's hard keeping everything in mind obviously if anybody wants to comment in the comment section ask questions I'll be more than happy to answer any questions there they are so we'll go ahead and cap this one yeah alright so that's about it for that one again if you want to check out some of my other videos got a bunch of husbandry videos you can look here and here or if you want to subscribe the channel and get much appreciate you can click the little subscription circle I think it is up there again thanks so much for watching please feel free to leave a comment if you're new or obviously people have been around for a while love hearing your comments I try to answer them all and we'll catch you next time


  1. Didi Vanh

    I have 4 of these, just love this species! one is very shy and always hiding, the other 2 are chill and number 4 and the biggest one just attacks everything that comes nears, she is always trying to eat my brush and even attacks water droplets if i spray the terra! Took about 2 molds to start showing the black colors! Very different temperaments on all 4! hoping to breed in couple years! They prefer to be dry and will stay away from the wet side when i overflow the bowl. I live in Europe and can always find a couple at events, usually around 20 Euro for a sling.

  2. Dre Torbs

    Hi Tom and/or people with brazilian black. I was wondering if you have some advice for me. I got a 5 gallon tank with the substrate less than half filled that is still moist (a little too moist so I'm letting it dry more). I live in the basement which is colder than room temperature so I bought a ceramic heat emitter. I don't have her just yet but I want to make sure her enclosure is perfect. Do you guys have any tips for a complete beginner? Thanks

  3. Widow Keeper

    Getting one of these for my hubby's birthday in a month. It'll be his first T, and I can't think of a more perfect one for him. Really excited to be bringing one of these guys into our collection.

  4. Zachary Silviera

    I had a male G. Pulchra once. For the longest time raising it from a sling I thought it was a female. Skittish as all get out. Turns out as it became a young adult, I noticed little hooks under it's front pair of legs. "Molly" became "Moe" soon after. From what I could tell, I couldn't see such hooks on the front legs, so it must be female. The one I had was on the lanky side and not bulky like yours. Old video new comment that's just my sh-peel. /:

  5. Abe Yoked

    Awesome cradle of filth shirt Tom! I’m thinking of purchasing this species at an expo coming up. Always wanted an all black tarantula!! Any other recommendations as far as all black docile-ish T’s? Thanks again brother! And thanks for the info!

  6. Tobi Taktlos

    I have a friend who keeps and breeds T`'s and hes nagging on me for months, showing me pictures and offers me deals for enclosures… so i said "FINE! just hold your tits, i have to inform myself first" So i found your channel and watched your beginner species vid and out of all the channels ive seen you seem very chill and professional about it and the way you talk (clear and well pronounced) makes it easy for me (i`m german) to understand you. So i'm going to watch some more and i asked my friend if he allows me to feed one of his spiders, so i can get a feel for it, id like to be better safe than sorry and as stunning as they are, they need care and i dont want to endanger the spiders life because i'm too afraid to apply measures thateep them healty. The more i feel informed, the less pressure i have on me. Thanks for providing this nice channel 🙂

  7. Greg Higgs

    Im from the uk and the spider shop sells them for £25 so about $35. And i know people that order live from them in america with no trouble

  8. Kristina Miskulin

    Thanks for sharing Tom, as always, great video. My G.Pulchra is over 8 yrs now, as adult, she only preferres drier side and 'tells me off' or rather starts turning around when she sense I start misting her tank, even a bit of it 😞💦

  9. Martina Pieper

    I found 10 grammostola pulchra slings at a reptile expo here in the US, it was a good thing to see. Of course I had to get one-paid $65. Good video!!

  10. Margeaux Callard

    im terrified of spiders but i used to love them, i wanted to grow up to study them. then my cousin happens and long story short.. i have a hatch-ling coming tomorrow morning and i have no idea what to do.. i got it because their beautiful and ive always wanted one. im scared because i dont 100% know what to do. its going to be my baby just as much as my real kids. im just scared ill mess up.. can someone who has them please give me advice. im going to love it and take care of it but im scared of hurting it or possible mistreating it by accident… i just need advice. please and thank you

  11. scott bridger

    I had my 'blade' from only 1 cm was so cute when I got her now here we are 9 years later and she is opening her own door which I was happy to record 😉 . Thanks for all these great vids!

  12. Justin Fenningsdorf

    Got gbb and Brazilian black coming from palp faction LLC so does help me out once get some years under me this my first year

  13. Cody Gilliland

    I'm just getting into this hobby and I've decided to start with one of these beauties. I was curious what you think the best substrate is. I've seen a lot in coconut shaving mixtures. What are your thoughts?

  14. Satanic 79

    Hi Tom, do u already know if its an 0.1 or an 1.0 ? in my opinion it looks like a 0.1 cause the males have an black dot on the bottom, and i didnt see that on urs.
    Btw i have 3 pulchras in my Collection right now, and i am so happy to have one.. In Germany the pulchras get really rar right now.
    As i hear they are Expensive also. I payed for a pair 0.1 and 1.0 200Euros but i like to breed them. In my opinion the best looking species of Grammostolas. Btw. Nice Shirt, I loved the Old stuff from Cradle of Filth 😉

  15. Susan

    Tom , after watching a lot of your videos I am now going to get me and my grandchildren this spider he/she is beautiful. I am going to talk to fear not tarantulas tomorrow. Wish me luck. Thank you for all the great videos.

  16. Corvin Greene

    I really appreciate your great and informative videos. I'm new to the hobby. This and a GBB are my first two slings, and thanks to your videos, I feel a lot more prepared!

  17. Love & Light

    Hey Tom! Thanks for the video, I can't watch enough of them. I'm thinking about getting into the hobby and am going to start out with G. Pulchra for my first T, but am waiting to purchase a sling at a Reptile show near me. The anticipation is maddening! Thanks again ^_^.

  18. Lis B

    I just ordered a 1 1/2 inch Brazilian black from fear not tarantulas today super excited can't wait. This is my second tarantula I got my first one 3 weeks ago it's a pink toe named cuddles. I think I'm going to name this one snuggles.

  19. Pomegranate Mistress

    I really hope I can find an adult female when I am ready to own my first tarantula. The Grammostola Pulchra is so beautiful and sounds perfect for a beginner.

  20. David Harvey

    I'm actually planning on getting one of these (hopefully female) and then eventually I want to try to get a male and attempt to breed it with my female. The thing is I wouldn't know exactly what to do with the slings or anything. Is there any way I could donate the slings to a company like fear not tarantulas in order to help out with the high demand for them?

  21. brutus jojola

    Thank you Tom getting my little Pulchra next week from Tanya can't wait and thank you for the download on sling care that comes with purchase. Your the best Tom much respect.


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