Grazing Cover Crops and Benefits for Livestock Operations – Doug Hanson


  1. Masca Trails

    Great info. I hear there's timer controlled gate-releases now that could be set up ahead of time (like the once a week walk he takes with his girls), then the cattle can be moved as often as you want, without anyone being present… The timer goes off, the gate handle releases, a new paddock opens, and the cows move themselves to the fresh forage. Guess the limitation becomes how many timer-released gate handles you can afford vs how often you reset the paddocks (ie: 7 handles = 1 set up per week + 1 daily move)

  2. joe hanna

    These are some of the best videos I have seen on cover crops. This truly gives me hope that there is light for our broken agricultural system. Together we can save the soil. 


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