Grazing Cover Crops and Benefits for Livestock Operations – Mike Buis


  1. Masca Trails

    I don't know much about all this, I've never run cows… But from all the videos I've been watching on cover crops and grazing, all these fields look quite overgrazed and compacted. I don't know what sort of equipment was around in 2012-2014 while he was experimenting with subdividing those paddocks but now there's even a solar-powered, timed-release gate connector so you can set your paddocks ahead of time and let the cows move themselves. The extra growth in cover crops can produce a financial return to cover the initial capital and extra man-hours setting up paddocks through reduced need for fertilization of cash crops (and possibly higher yields) and increased feed production for cattle, letting you increase your herd size.

  2. Main Street Project

    Check out Poultry-Centered Regenerative Agriculture. We use chickens to build soil health and provide farmers with a diverse canopy and revenue stream.


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