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Green Tree Python ontogenic colour change! (2019)

[Music] hi everybody [Music] wonderful bye yeah bye-bye okay so today I’m gonna give you a green tree python update which I’m pretty excited about that that green hoo pythons are over there you want to see them oh so what if my a green tree pythons started turning green finally so that’s pretty exciting they’re only about a year and a half old oh yeah see so let’s let’s look I’m gonna post a link to the original video that shows them when you can see the one they’re very yellow as babies and now this is the other one it started to turn green yeah how exciting so let’s take them out and have a look first I’ll take out this guy yeah you’re about that careful careful oh very careful okay do you want not want to hold it do you want me to hold it okay so I’ll hold so we got this one oh it looks like this one’s starting to turn a little bit green to the green tree pythons are really beautiful they’re really interesting because you buy them as babies you want to hold it you have to be gentle very very exciting you buy them as babies you don’t know if they’re male or female and you have to grow them and you have no idea really what color they’re gonna turn out you can look at the parents and guess but it’s always different for each one so that’s part of what makes them really exciting they’re really beautiful creatures they also take a bit more work than other snakes as you know mostly I work with boas and Boaz I find really easy to work with green tree pythons they they have to have the right temperatures if they have the right humidity they have to have more humidity than Boas do and if we come look at how they’re set up let’s look inside again so I was told that I should spray them every night but I kind of do the opposite so once a day in the morning usually I give them a good spray the reason that I choose to do it in the morning instead of at night as I figured throughout the day it’s gonna be warmer and since it’s gonna be warmer throughout today that’s when I want them to be wet and then they dry out and then at night it’s not as wet so I give it a good soak you can see and the whole and closer he gets a little wet but it doesn’t get um totally soaked because if they are too moist then you start having problems with mold and respiratory issues and stuff you don’t want to deal with another thing I’d like to do is I’d like to put their perches close to the back there back heated or like they’re heated underneath but having the perches above the heat if they really need to get warm or sometimes they’ll come down after a meal but most of the time they’ll stay perched right there now let’s go look at the ring man so I figure that if I spray them in the morning and they dry out throughout the day if there was any temperature drops at night and they were all wet you know think about yourself if you were all wet and you got cold it’s a lot worse than just being cold so I figure since these snakes are delicate and require exact needs I spray them in the morning let them dry out and then at night time they’re not wet this is the one that started turning around think it’s a girl yeah look yeah you wanna hold gentle two hands two hands oh nicely careful here hold oh yeah beautiful huh so let’s bring it into the light I’ve decided to call this one Genesis I believe she’s a girl because of her weight so lots of the time the females are heavier and she was the biggest one from her clutch I believe and it’s at least what the guy told me let’s look at it also from this side the look at the beautiful blue on her nose now another thing that lots of people say about these snakes is you shouldn’t really be handling them they’re very delicate and when they’re babies they’re especially fragile but as you can see she’s not afraid of me because I have handled her quite a bit even when she was little I think that in general people shouldn’t handle them when they’re babies because they’re so fragile that they could very easily broke their spine but for me I’m very very gentle with my animals so I handled her anyways tell me so you can see how comfortable you want to look to come okay you’re gonna look at it but she is she’s super comfortable with me and that’s just because I was really gentle and I didn’t really pressure her or force her too much but I handled her a friend of time she was little just a little bit like here and there to get her used to me and now lots of the time she’ll crawl onto me if I wait long enough as you kind of saw she wasn’t really afraid of me I’ve heard a lot of people say that you know green tree pythons are just snakes that are to be viewed they’re not really handle snakes are that they’re really mean and bitey and I think lots of that well because they’re scared and then if you actually think about it like my bow is when they first come out some of them can be scared and nippy like in one of the last videos I made I’ll post a little link up so you can check that out if you want but holding the babies when they are scared and everything and getting them past that hopes will be from our immerse so I’m I’m not forcing her off her perch either sometimes she’ll come off of it sometimes she won’t so if you have a snake that everyone tells you can’t handle they shouldn’t handle for the first few years and then after the snake has had no handling no interaction or anything for two years and then you’re gonna try and handle it when it spends most of its time curled up onto a perch of course it’s not gonna be comfortable it’s gonna be scared and it’s not gonna want to be handled but so I kind of think the opposite I think that if you’re super careful and delicate and you spent time with snakes before then you know how to handle them and you just be gentle and hold them from the time they’re little get them used to you and then when they get older you’re not gonna have an animal that’s striking at you or scared of you like right now she’s not stressed she’s exploring and she’s gonna grow into a big beautiful snake that can be handled [Music] if you don’t know much about green tree python is something that’s cool about them take a look at the tail so the tail is dark and what they’ll do is they’ll sit on a perch and they’ll wiggle their tail and then the tail will attract animals thinking that it’s a little worm or something and then when the animal tries to nip its tail they will strike at it and get it so they use their tail kind of as a lure it’s pretty funny there’s lots of snakes kind of hide in ambush and these snakes it’s almost like they go fishing for their prey let’s say goodbye to Genesis so for temperatures you want to have an ambient temperature of about 80 degrees or the hot spot of about 85 degrees bye-bye I write to the Pythons yeah okay I sleep I lie to everybody okay we’ll look there later but say bye everybody [Music]

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