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Greener City Parks

Hello, i’m Jude Deakin and today David Tebby and I are here in our beautiful Central Park to show you some of the equipment that’s
recently been introduced by our parks department.
Chelmsford City Council is committed to improving our natural environment and
creating a much greener Chelmsford and these machines are just the beginning of
what’s going to be some real good achievement. This new Gator is electric
and it’s got no emissions whatsoever. It’s really quiet and very good for the environment. This a new electric short handled hedge trimmer It’s really good because we don’t have to use any petrol there’s no fumes and the difference
between this hedge cutter and the petrol one is that, the hand vibration on
this is virtually zero.
Cllr Deakin: So it is better for the operative?
So it is better for the operative and you can actually use this
for a lot longer This a real positive start. We are taking some steps forward We are researching many more creative and ambitious ways to help solve some of the environmental challenges that we are facing. I look forward to much greener fleets of
vehicles and other equipment being introduced right across Chelmsford,
alongside many other green initiatives.


  1. John Derek Author

    Forget the environment. What are you gonna do about the recent rise in rough sleepers on the high street due to your “unofficial” change in policy?


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